12 Days of Kovid-Mas – Day Four: The Santa Clause


In The Santa Clause, Tim Allen’s Scott Calvin causes Santa Clause to fall from his roof and get hurt. Unable to deliver the presents for the year, Scott fills in, putting on the suit and everything. Because of that, he inadvertently becomes the new Santa. With that, his body goes through a drastic transformation which includes massive weight gain, facial hair, and basically looking like a whole new person.

You may ask, Unnies, how can you make this connect to the Korean Entertainment world? Well… as you know, celebrities sometimes do transformations of their own. Either it be through food or under the knife. New people come out on the other side because of it. Here are a couple.

Note: Lazy Unnie’s picks are in RED and Sugar Baby’s picks are in GREEN.


With her new comeback this year, Soyou not only debuted a new song but also a new look. Immediately, plastic surgery rumors were going around. And of course she denied them. But in my opinion, she’s been a little touched. You can do a lot of wonderful things with makeup but here are pictures from Soyou in 2020 and 2017. The changes are a little subtle but they are definitely there.


I wasn’t familiar with Kangnam when he was an active idol, but I got to know him through multiple variety programs. When I saw him he was very fit and what you expected of an idol. But according to him, once he got into a relationship with his now wife, he gained the love pounds. But honestly, I can’t even fault him because I too don’t look the same in this covid living. But here is to hoping he stays healthy and happy in love.

Kang Ki Young

I love me some Kang Ki Young. He’s one of my favorite character actors. He has a distinct look as well. But one day I saw an article about him and there was a picture attached. I was so shook because I didn’t even recognize him! This is a case of how a small nose job can change your whole face. Look at a picture of him from September 2019 to a video from this July. Changed!

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