12 Days of Kovid-Mas – Day Five: It’s A Wonderful Life


If you haven’t seen It’s A Wonderful Life, then you should. As far as Christmas movies go, this one is pretty depressing. It’s about George Bailey, who basically has given up on life and wants to kill himself one Christmas Eve. Until his guardian angel intervenes and shows him how his life isn’t really crap.

How we interpreted that is highlighting some of disbandment songs. Groups ending way before their time and honestly, they’re missed greatly.

Note: Lazy Unnie’s picks are in RED and Sugar Baby’s picks are in GREEN.

MYTEEN – She Bad (2018)

When it comes to disbandments before their time, I will always mention MYTEEN. I was hoping they would get some attention after Produce X 101, but they ended right after. This was their last release and it was a serious bop. Everything about it should have caught the attention of stans. Sad face.

NU’EST W – Help Me (2018)

Even though this was destined to disband because Minhyun was coming back to NU’EST, I feel like W had the success they could have kept going. And this song proves it because it was A BOP! NU’EST W was actually how I learned about the group as a whole so I will forever love them.

9MUSES – Remember (2019)

I’m so sad I didn’t get into them until they were already disbanded. But this song made me sad because it was such a groovy slow jam. The fact that they went through so many members, I’m proud they made it as far as they did.

4Minute – Hate (2016)

Another group I got into after disbandment. They were way ahead of their time and we need more girl groups like them. I am not in loved with this song as much as I love Crazy but I can see how this song is revolutionary for the current gen of girl groups. I’ve heard this sound repeated so much these days.

Girl’s Day – I’ll Be Yours (2017)

Not sure I can count this as a true disbandment song, but this was the last song from the group before they all left their agency. This is such a great song, it makes me miss them. It’s a jazzy and sassy song and makes you want to dance. Yes Girl’s Day, you’re missed.

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