12 Days of Kovid-Mas – Day Six: The Best Man Holiday

Best Bromances

When you think of the best man at a wedding, you think about the bond that the groom and this particular person must have. The speech is usually filled with inside jokes and their best memories. Therefore it was natural for us to pick our best bromances to talk about! What are some of your favorite bromances in Kdramaland?

Note: Lazy Unnie’s picks are in RED and Sugar Baby’s picks are in GREEN.

Do Min Ik and Ki Dae Joo

The Secret Life of My Secretary

One of my fondest memory of this show apart from the decadence and sweetness of the romance, was the relationship between these two best friends. It was lovely to see how much Dae Joo cared for Min Ik and that no matter how everyone tried to sabotage them and turn them into rivals, they were still able to have each others’ backs. The friendship and bond that they shared was so palpable even though there may have been hints of resentment buried deep within them. It was kismet in a way that they both ended up with women who shared a small friendship with each other.

Lee Gon and Jo Yeong

The King: Eternal Monarch

Doesn’t matter which universe, King Lee Gon needs his right hand man or eternal sword, Jo Yeong. From when they were kids in Corea, it seemed destined that they would have a special bond of a friendship since their fathers were friends. And when he went to Korea, he even befriended Jo Yeong’s counterpart. The way Jo Yeong indulged Lee Gon with a straight face every time, but still protected and rode with him to the end. I need me a eternal sword.

Lee Yeon and Lee Rang

Tale of the Nine Tailed

Is it technically cheating because I chose actual brothers? Maybe.. Do I care? No.. The best relationship in this show was by far the relationship between the brothers. The way Yeon has always cared for his brother, but Rang’s interpretation of that was completely different. I loved that no matter what these two cared about each other through it all. Even in the end we knew that Rang was going to offer himself as a sacrifice in other to save Yeon. I love the bickering nature of the siblings and the bond that they shared. Watch this video and tell me you don’t get the FEELS.

Ri Hyuk’s Company Five

Crash Landing On You

This is the epitome of bromance. Soldiers will put their lives on the line for each other, and with these four soldiers from North Korea, they risked everything for their Captain and his love. Not only were they brothers of arms, but they ended up being the highlight of the show for me. They gave you comic relief and tugged at your heart strings throughout the series. Please give me my own Pyo Chi-su, Park Kwang-beom, Kim Ju-meok, and Geum Eun-dong.

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