Lazy Unnie’s Couch: You Drive Me Crazy

The lead characters who have been friends for eight years end up sleeping together one night. Following this event, the friends struggle between love and friendship.

Eun Seong is a translator who works with Korean to French and French to Korean translations. She faces everything bravely but also has an unpredictable side. Eun Seong becomes friends with Kim Rae Wan in college.

  • Starring: Kim Seon Ho | Lee Yoo Young | Kim Sung Joo
  • Episodes: 4 (35 Min.)
  • Aired: May 7 – 8, 2018
  • Network: MBC
  • Where to Watch: Viki / Youtube

I don’t even know if I should be reviewing this because it is less than most web series in terms of episodes. However, the story was so classic and good, I have no choice than to rave about it. It’s been on my list for a while and since I’m now in the Kim Seon Ho hole like everyone else, I figured why not.

What I liked about this was that it felt like a short story. We were thrown into something already brewing. Kim Rae Wan and Han Eun Seong are best friends since college. People say men and women shouldn’t be in these kind of relationships because something always seems to happen to make one fall for the other. And this is exactly what happens. After sleeping together two months prior and somewhat agreeing not to talk about it again, Eun Seong ends up back at Rae Wan’s place, needing to stay for some days because her pipes need to be fixed in her apartment. With that comes the fact that they need to deal with the aftermath of crossing that invisible line that was drawn in the friendship.

What I liked the most about this was that because it was only 4 episodes, we didn’t have a lot of filler of will they or won’t they. You saw how their friendship worked and you saw how sometimes the transition from friendship into romance isn’t always a seamless one. Eun Seong had her worries, even after realizing that she might have feelings for her Playboy bestfriend, that if things didn’t go well, she would lose the friend she’s gained as well. All valid! I also loved Kim Seon Ho’s Rae Wan. Not just cause I’m so obsessed with him these days, but he really was charming as a man hoe. It was easy to see how women basically fell for him at every chance they got.

Overall, I enjoyed this and it was a nice little break from the longer dramas we usually get.

Acting : 8/10
Story : 8/10
Music : N/A
Overall : 8/10
Recommended For : People who don’t want a long drawn out drama but same feels.

Fave Song : N/A

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