12 Days of Kovid-Mas – Day Nine: A Christmas Carol

Past, Present, Future

In a Christmas Carol, Scrooge is visited by the ghost of Christmas past, present and future therefore we thought that we would use the same principal and visit the ghosts of a few groups past, present and what would like to see them do in the future. There really wasn’t any specific reason why we picked the groups that we picked. What are some concepts that you would liked seeing groups do and what are some future ones that you would like to see?

Note: Lazy Unnie’s picks are in RED and Sugar Baby’s picks are in GREEN.



Everglow debuted with a song that was very much standard girl group debut at the time. However, what made them stand out was the charisma of the girls and the autotuned nature behind the voices. Moon was a track on this debut ep and I knew then that this group was a force to be reckoned with. I have grown to love this song so much because it just hits a vibe.


This group just gets consistently better with every release. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have listened to this song. I love this so much and the mini album is perfection. EVERGLOW is really the best fourth gen girl group and once they get more performance skills it is over for you bums.


So this isn’t so much a sound that I want them to try as they have a good versatility amongst the bsides. I more so would like them to bring back that mature sexy concept (they are all legal! I checked) I think if any group can bring back some thot kpop and make it enjoyable to listen to sonically, it would be these girls. This song as well as Miss A’s Hush or AOA’s Miniskirt would be something I would like to see them do.



When The Boyz debuted, they did what most do, the attractive school boy concept. It didn’t feel really original but it wasn’t bad. Especially with how many group members there are, hard to focus on them and their concept. This was safe and predictable.


The more I listen to The Boyz, I realize they’re coming into their own a new gen boy group. This song is good and stands out a bit but it is on trend for most of the other boy group songs this year. What I like about this is they have started to really connect the dots and give full stories and theories with their concepts. It works.


Even though no one can touch these kings, I would love to see The Boyz play with a more R&B-Pop vibe like EXO. And if they were to pair it up with a darker concept (not just the clothes) then it would be excellent. The Boyz have the members who can pull all of this off. And just like EXO, The Boyz were too a 12 member group. 🤔



I know that this was a popular debut song partly due to them being BTS’ hoobaes. I wasn’t exactly fond of the song, but it was nice to see them go against the grain of what other boy groups debuts were like at the time. Eventually this song did grow on me.


I swear this song is just like a knock off equally boring Dynamite. I was so disappointed by it because one of my favorite boy group songs that I really enjoyed this year was their Can’t You See Me release. This just didn’t do a job of keeping my interest in BTSlite.


Because I was such a huge fan of Can’t You See Me, I can’t help but want them to commit more to that type of sound. I feel like this BTOB song is so underrated and I would love to see TXT utilize the similar arrangements because I KNOW they can do it.



Their debut was what you expect from your average girl group. It was girly and sweet but it also showed that these girls can sing. It is actually one of my favorite girl group debuts because it wasn’t so sweet where I got a cavity.


I admit, I was obsessed with this song. This really made OH MY GIRL one of my top girl groups this year. This is a sound that is kinda bubblegum with the right mix of trendy. It also allows their personalities as well as their talent to shine through.


I would love to see the ladies attack a full dance/club pop track, i.e Gaga. Even though they have the track Vogue, it isn’t all the members and it just seemed like a taste of what they could do. I want a full high concept from them. Lets get weird ladies!

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