12 Days of Kovid-Mas – Day Eleven: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Revised Soundtrack

You knew we weren’t gonna do classic Christmas movies and not include The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is also a Halloween movie. Imagine being so powerful that you’re literally the love child of the two best holidays? Something that is always remembered about this movie is the soundtrack, therefore we decided to create our own version of this soundtrack using a few KPOP songs. We decided that we wouldn’t use any Christmas kpop songs that we previously used and that we could play around with some of the themes behind a song. We chose each song based on either the sound, style, lyrics or overall vibe of the song. Please enjoy!

Movie: The Nightmare Before Christmas

Studio: Unbothered Unnies

Distribution Date: 12/24/2020

Check out the songs below!

Jack’s Lament
Town Meeting Song
Making Christmas
Poor Jack
This Is Halloween
What’s This?
Kidnap The Sandy Claws
Oogie Boogie Song
Sally Song

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