12 Days of Kovid-Mas – Day Twelve: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Redeemed Characters

There’s nothing quite like watching a show and watching someone who was miserable and quite awful become enlighten. It is a well known theme to the point where the term Grinch isn’t just synonymous with someone who dislikes Christmas. Everyone agrees that the best part of How The Grinch Stole Christmas is watching the moment his heart grew in size. Therefore let us talk about two characters that we thought had magnificent redemption arcs and shared similarities with the grinch.


Jang Man Wol and Weol Ju

These two characters are similar in so many ways and yet each have a different approach to their redemption. Often when we are introduced to characters who are our anti-heroes, we get the backstory as to how they became that way. In Man Wol’s case she was betrayed when she was young by the first man she ever loved. A betrayal that tore through her in so many ways that she went on a rampaged and killed like it was going out of style. Quite honestly, we had to stan. However, she must atone for her sins therefore she became the owner of Hotel Del Luna, and must remain there until her heart changed. It was glorious watching the transformation that she made and in my opinion this was the best part of the show. She was a five star grumpy ass twat, but it was so satisfying to see. Man Wol’s growth was enough to keep the audience engaged and we were all rooting for her in many ways. When she met with the reincarnation of her first love and many other trials it was a treat to see her overcome them.

Similarly, Weol Ju too was betrayed at a young age. But instead by the man she loved, it was his mother and the man who was sworn to protect him. Weol Ju fell into a relationship with the crowned prince after she helped cured him of night terrors. But because of their status divide and other forces, they were torn apart and her mother was murdered. In a rage, she takes her own life and the life of her unborn child. And as a punishment for that crime, she is forced to run a little outside bar and through going in their dreams, help customers settle their problems. Any woman would be prickly for having gone through what she did. So for the majority of the story, she is seemed as this don’t give a fuck kind of lady. But by the end, you realize she isn’t only that but instead a woman who would sacrifice herself for others. Her growth throughout the series with the companionship she found in Han Kang Bae and Chef Gwi and all the people she was ordered to help, her emotional wounds that were caused by her lost, healed to the point where her soul could rest.

Everyone immediately thinks of males when we discuss redeemed characters in Korean dramas. We wanted to share our love for these women! Who are some of your favorite redeemed women in Korean dramas? Share in the comments! xx

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