Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Sweet Home

Sweet Home

Genre: Drama, Horror, Suspense
Origin: South Korea
Episodes: 10
Air-date: December 18, 2020
Starring: Song Kang as Cha Hyun Soo, Lee Jin Wook as Pyeon Sang Wook, Lee Si Young as Seo Yi Kyung, Lee Do Hyun as Lee Eun Hyuk, Park Gyu Young as Yoon Ji Soo, Go Min Si as Lee Eun Yoo

Following the death of his family in an accident, loner Cha Hyun-soo moves to a new apartment. His quiet life is soon disturbed by strange incidents that start occurring in his new building. As people turn into monsters which take the form of their hidden desires, Hyun-soo and other residents try to survive.


I am elated that my final drama review of 2020 is a pleasant one. I am always wary of ‘Netflix’ produced dramas just because of lately these ‘originals’ have not really hit the way they should hit. However, y’all this drama was so good. Netflix put their foot in this shit. The production, the acting, the cinematography. Sign me all the way up for this. I will preface this review by stating that I did not read the Webtoon therefore this is just a look at the drama as its own piece of work.

This drama was really a lovely breath of fresh air. I truly devoured it once I started watching and could not stop. I was enchanted by every aspect of this. The story took it’s time in weaving its tale and we are able to gain insights into all of our main characters. I won’t lie and tell you that I wasn’t simping for Sang Wook the minute he was introduced. I didn’t think that I would become attached to these characters, but I found myself getting emotional during a few scenes and I was like wtf, not me crying over a fictional character for the first time in three months. I loved the idea that the monsters were remnants of our desires. I do think they could’ve placed more emphasis on Hyun Soo’s battle with himself and torment of dealing with the friendships as I am told is done in the webtoon, but I really can’t complain. I think I would have enjoyed seeing more monsters especially in the final episode because those things were ghastly and fun.

The acting was phenomenal. The cast is probably the reason why I loved this drama so much. Like I said, I ended up finding myself deeply attached to our ensemble and a few characters. No one was insignificant, they all played their part. Everyone did such a really good job even though I would pick Si Young, Song Kang and Lee Do Hyun as my standout performances. I think the reason why these three in particular captivated me was because I had always seen them in romantic comedies and more subdued roles. SONG KANG IN MONSTER FORM WAS SO HOT PLEASE TAKE MY NUMBER.

Netflix productions always have good music and this was no exception. The second I heard the theme song I was like yep that’s the shit. Even the Imagine Dragons didn’t feel out of place. The scores worked so well with the cinematography which was a huge selling point in this show. Honestly the transitions between scenes were ethereal. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen even with the CGI monsters. I think that is what I will certainly serve as a strong memory from this show that all the damn blood. You just know they had buckets of syrup on deck. Heheh.

If you’re into apocalyptic shows, enjoy pretty cinematography I would 100% recommend this for your viewing pleasure. It’s a really good and entertaining psychological horror thriller. Happy Holidays!

Story: 8.5/10
Acting: 9/10
Music: 8/10
Rewatch Value: 8/10
Overall: 9/10

Fave Song:  BewhY – Side by Side

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