Whatcha Watchin’ – January 11th – Season Two of 2020

Welcome to season two of 2020! Y’all saw them white people storming the capital? Like ew my gahd! If it was people of color then the narrative would be so different. SMH.


Sugar Baby Unnie

New Year, same old me watching a bunch of dramas and then stopping midway to pick more dramas and just being a hot mess when it has only been eight days. When will I learn to be better? So there are a few dramas that I am basically finished with so I will not include.

Korean Dramas

Cheat On Me, If You Can: This drama is so fun?! Like I am so amused by everything it has to offer including a shirtless Kim Young Dae. It is equal parts funny, suspenseful and a dash of unbelievability. I hope I don’t end up hating it.

Run On: I really didn’t think I was going to like this one as much, but once I started I found that I couldn’t stop. There’s something that is so pleasant about this one and I even enjoy Shin Se Kyung which is saying a lot because we all know I be dragging that hoe from time to time.

The Penthouse: Yup. I absolutely drank the kool-aid. It is serving scandal, drama, fun! We had to stan it. I can already see why it was so addictive to others! Well done, Korea!

On The Radar

The Uncanny Counter: I’ve been seeing clips and I am so intrigued. I have been waiting on all the episodes to be completed before I started this one. I believe that Lazy Unnie is doing this one too so maybe a joint review! Heheh.

Dear Missy: At some point this week I will be starting this one because it is a very loose Gossip Girl remake and also because we love lesbians? (Technically not gay, but I have seen the clips and it looks hella gay to me!!!)

My Best Friend’s Story: Like i said, we are actively stanning the gays out here! As such I can’t imagine not watching a NiNi and Cecilia drama. HELLO GAY RIGHTS. MORE SISMANCE GAY STORIES PLEASE.

Lazy Unnie

New Year, Same Shit. It’s 11 days into the new year and I’ve not watched a damn thing besides Bridgerton and play videogames. Let me get my shit together and get back into dramaland.


True Beauty – I drank the Kool-aid and I’m sucking this one down the moment the episodes drop. It has so many cliche’s but it’s just the right amount of cute to balance it out. Moon Ga Young is killing it in this role and I can’t wait to see how the second half turns out.

Strongest Deliveryman – This came about because I am so in love with Kim Seon Ho. The show is good so far but I’m just dragging my ass with it.

Tale of the Nine Tailed – I guess I’m still watching this. I was loving the first 5 episodes but when I got to 6, I fell off. Maybe I will finish, maybe not. We will see.


Treasure Box – Better late than sorry. I really liked Treasure’s songs this year and I figured what better time to watch their origin. But it got me in my feels from episode one. Why do I put my heart through survival shows all the time?!

What’s On Deck?

The Uncanny Counter – Netflix got me hooked with their dramas. I feel so basic. Anyway, I really want to start this one and I think I will when it gets closer to the end. I know Sugar Baby also wants to watch so look forward to our joint review.

Lovestruck in the City – This is another Netflix one and even though it seems a bit boring on the surface, the cast is one of my faves. Hopefully I can stay awake for it.

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2 thoughts on “Whatcha Watchin’ – January 11th – Season Two of 2020

  1. The capital storming was awful, but someone tweeted “Is this the season finale to 2020” about it. which is still making me lol.

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