Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Something Just Like This

Something Just Like This

Genre: Business, Life, Romance, Youth
Origin: China
Episodes: 47
Air-date: Nov 8, 2020 – Dec 3, 2020
Starring: Johnny Huang as Duan Ran, Wu Jin Yan as Qian Xi Xi, Lulu Xuan as Zhang Jia Yun, Cao Yu Chen as Jiang Zhe Yang, Zhao Luo Ran as Su Su, David Liang as Chen Lang

The son of a retail tycoon and an e-commerce live-streamer join hands on a road to realizing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Qian Xixi comes from a broken family. At a young age, she was sent to live in Duan Ran’s home and they grew up together. However, their personalities are like heaven and earth due to their difference in status. Through sheer coincidence, Qian Xixi gets into the field of live-streaming. Duan Ran who’s a fuerdai (second-generation rich) sees the potential in e-commerce live streaming and acquires a company, thus becoming Qian Xixi’s boss. Duan Ran realizes that the industry is more complicated than he ever imagined.

Meanwhile, Qian Xixi throws herself into her work and unexpectedly encounters top star Jiang Zheyang who was her old high school classmate. Duan Ran and Qian Xixi encounter repeated problems at work and also in their relationship that they must learn to overcome.


I’d like to think that the sky may be falling or this is truly a representation of the phenomenon that was 2020 and sure to be 2021. For I, Sugar Baby, completed forty-seven.. Yes you read that correctly, FORTY-SEVEN episode MODERN drama. Sighs. The things I do for good chemistry. 

It’s really hard to review dramas that are this long because so many things happen in between that it gets so hard to keep track and I get a little frustrated. Overall, this story was very average. There was nothing that is very unique to this show nor genre. It’s funny though, because whereas I’m often a little side eyeing about a story where there’s this pseudo-incest behavior, I found that this was very organic in the handling of it? It really just felt like they were friends that grew up together versus a situation where it was like “this is my little sister”. I think that could be attributed to all the behind the scenes stuff that they did to get into characters which cause a lot of controversy. There were so many classic tropes in this drama and I think the original title “We Are Young” captures the essence perfectly. It was a group of professionals trying to advance their careers and realize their dreams. 

It was all about chemistry for me. I’m thoroughly shook by how well Johnny and Jin Yan worked together. I already mentioned the behind the scenes work that I think helped because listen, it was so easy and palpable. I enjoyed watching these friends become lovers. I loved the teasing. I loved how supportive of each other they were. I loved their honesty. Also their first kiss was so damn cute! I was shook when it happened cause my ass was like huh? It’s only episode 23. Haha. Ngl I was disappointed with his mother’s initial disapproval of their relationship. 

I enjoyed the characters here cause they all had their own stories and crap that they were dealing with. Although there were people I absolutely detested they didn’t necessarily feel cartoonish. I found this to be a very comfortable and easy watch that could’ve been condensed into maybe 25 episodes? 30 if you really wanted to push the boundaries. Simply said, 47 was just way too much. 

So like give this a watch if you really wanna invest your time, but like it can easily be a background watch while you do other things. 

Story: 7/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 8/10
Rewatch Value: 6/10
Overall: 7.5/10

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