Whatcha Watchin’ – January 25th – Where Did January Go?

This January did not feel like all the Januaries before. It’s hard to believe it went by so quickly when January usually feels like it has been four months. As a result we have done a considerable amount less than usual. Oh well. It happens! Just bare with us and we will try to be better! I mean look at this, we’re keeping you all updated.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Nothing has improved with my watchlist. This is what happens when I watch currently airing dramas. Not really I just suck as a human being but I will not admit to this behavior. Last post, I said that there were some dramas on the radar that I would start and I still didn’t so they remain there, I just didn’t want to include the list again.

Korean Dramas

Cheat On Me, If You Can: We’re at around episode 11 now and I am still enjoying this so much. It makes me laugh and I am actually intrigued as I can’t tell if this drama is being literal or giving us a fake out. I think everyone has been perfectly casted.

Run On: The ships are everything! This is so underrated and we hate to see it. I am still only midway, but I haven’t hated the show as yet. We know midpoint is usually the make or break it.

The Penthouse: I have only watched one more episode since the last post and it’s not because it isn’t interesting, but rather me trying to figure out if that new season is really coming in February or not and if I want to put this on hold or complete it before. Choices ya know?

Other Dramas

Lost Romance: It’s a buddy watch with the cohost of Soju Chronicles and yes this is going exactly as you would expect it to be going. I just stand firm in my belief that Marcus Chang is just way too hot for his costar. We’re on episode 5 and nothing has happened. Did this drama need 20 full episodes? I think not.

Voice In The Rain: Yep! I’m watching a Thai drama that isn’t made by GMM One Studio and it must be why it feels so different to me? I’m not used to this guys. I’m undecided on whether I will continue this or not.

Lazy Unnie

So January has been a long marathon of online gaming and almost nothing else, however, I have managed to try to keep up with some shows and starting a few here and there. I really hope that I can calm the fuck down and get back to my past time of zoning out on dramas. We shall see.


True Beauty – Still keeping up with this. I know that it’s cliche as hell and I hear that the webtoon is way better, but I can’t stop watching. I’m about a week behind but today is Monday and I have fuck all to do except watch to see what happened with Suho and Seo Jun.

Strongest Deliveryman – I guess I’m still watching this. I haven’t started another episode since the last Whatcha watching, but I still need to get my Kim Seon Ho fix somehow.

To All The Men Who Loved Me– I started this because I was in the mood for some good romantic comedy. I don’t know if this fits that criteria but I’m keeping with it because Seo Ji Hoon is slowly climbing my K-Drama boyfriend list.

What’s On Deck?

The Uncanny Counter – COMING REALLY SOON….

Lovestruck in the City – COMING SOON….

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