First Impressions: Love Unexpected

After the disaster that was Lost Romance, I decided that I needed a palette cleanser. The trailer for this drama caught my attention and here I am with a first impressions post! Read my thoughts below!

Love Unexpected

Genre: Romance, Comedy
Origin: China
Episodes: 24
Air-date: January 31, 2021 to present
Starring: Kris Fan as Xu Nuo, Judy Qi as Ke Si Yi, Zha Jie as Liang Zhi Xiao, Wang Xu Dong as Zhou Yan Xin, Shen Yao as Lin Wen, Zhang Chu Xuan as Li Yun Zhu

A sweet love story between an emotionally detached CEO and a female bodyguard who is full of empathy.

A series of unexpected romances have arrived. Xu Nuo who has been suffering from alexithymia meets his match in bodyguard Ke Siyi. Elite variety show producer Liang Zhixiao encounters the goddess of hardcore combat while lawyer Zhou Yanxin crosses paths with a female boxer.

chinesedrama info

Thoughts: I’ve seen four episodes of this drama so far and can I tell y’all that I’ve cracked up in every single episode???? I’m having a grand old time with this one. No lie. I really didn’t even think I would, but it has elements that I really enjoy. This drama was pitched as a loosely based Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, but that isn’t really quite the case. The only comparison is really that she’s his bodyguard and it stops there. She’s not like cartoonishly strong or anything, matter of fact, she had to be trained to become his bodyguard. There is an element of fantasy to it, as somehow our male lead is able to feel the pain for our female lead. Is it only physical pain? We’re not quite sure. I believe not and that there might be a case where each gets to feel a certain emotion for the other based on what I saw on the trailer? Oh well, I can tell ya with certainty how my ass was cracking tf up when he had her period cramps. There’s also a little bit of comedic raunchiness that I’ve been enjoying as well. Naturally our leads have all kinds of connection to each other, but listen, I ain’t even mad about it. Haha. I’m also not mad about any side couple development (so far) because the other two girls are so interesting! I will definitely be continuing with this and will keep you updated during our Watcha Watchin’!

Recommendations: If you’re into comedy, enjoy bickering romances and need something fluffy.

Where To Watch: Viki

First Impression Score: 8/10

Until Next Time! xx

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2 thoughts on “First Impressions: Love Unexpected

  1. well, well, well…interesting….I also felt betrayed by Lost Romance…so glad you are giving this one a good review…I will definitely add it to the next viewing list…thanx!

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