Whatcha Watchin’ – February 8th: Welcome to Black History Month

It is Black History month! Also Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Annndddd Mercury is in retrograde so if you’re feeling a little bit fucked up, well grab the wine and ignore the texts from the exes!!!

Sugar Baby Unnie

Can I live? Can I live? Can I fucking live? Sigh. So like I dropped Lost Romance because fuck that shit. I felt a visceral and physical pain while watching this. I had to tap out. I have shows on the radar, but I don’t want to think about it.. LOL. So …

Korean Dramas

Love Scene Number: I love when Kdramas decide to go woman centric and give us fresh ideas. It is currently airing with very limited subs, but I like what I am seeing. BTW they are not in a polyamorous relationship yanno, home girl is straight cheating, but like ya know fuck men anyways.

Run On: Yes, I know this has ended but I haven’t ended my journey with it yet so leave me alone. I have four more episodes that I will eventually get to. Don’t rush me!!

The Penthouse: Okay so there’s gonna be a season two starting soon AND a season three…. Damnnnn. Anyways I’m chugging along. Hehehe.

Chinese Dramas

Begin Again: I picked this back up again. We’re just gonna power through hehe. It’s a little corny, but not in the fun way. I hate that it is embracing the bullshit that is women are only fulfilled by marriage and babies. Fuck off. In other news, spare cock, Gong Jun?

Love Unexpected: I did a first impression post on this one! It is so goofy with a little bit of heart. Hard to believe MGTV allowed all these innuendos to exist hehe.

Lazy Unnie

I can’t believe I actually finished a show! But with that, it’s given me some needed boost to really get back into dramas. Let’s see if I can ride this wave.


Strongest Deliveryman – Same old, same old. Gonna bust it out sometime this month. Maybe in two weeks. We will see.

To All The Men Who Loved Me– This is still going strong. And since True Beauty is finished for me, I can focus on this being my second completed show of 2021. But I already can see why people may have not liked this show. There are some plot choices I don’t really agree with. But I’m pushing through.

Go Go Squid 2: DT, Appledog’s Time – I didn’t know about this until Sugar Baby told me it was coming. I started episode one. I don’t know how I feel about it because it feels like a whole new universe. But I will give it a try because we know I’m obsessed with Hu Yitian.

What’s On Deck?

The Uncanny Counter – STILL COMING REALLY SOON….

Lovestruck in the City – MAYBE COMING SOON….

Hello, Me! – This is one I’m really excited to watch. I have been waiting for Kim Young Kwang’s drama return since The Secret life of my Secretary. This seems a little goofy from the previews but I’m okay with that. This might be a joint watch for me and Sugar Baby.

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