Hit It or Skip It – February 2021 Week 1

Look at this, another feature. I can’t help myself when it comes to starting new things. It’s keeping with them that is the issue. However, I really think this will stick. I wanted something where I can basically talk and rank all the new music I listen to, cause sometimes it’s too much to keep inside. The way this will work is that the new release for the week will either get a yes (Hit It) or a no (Skip It). Simple, right? Let’s see.

Hyuna “Good Girl”

The MV is weird as hell but the song is definitely a grower. It’s in her wheelhouse for sure.

CIX “Cinema”

THIS IS MY SONG OF THE WEEK! It is SOOOO good. It was so good I had to do a full EP review. Everything about this song is refreshing and makes me happy.

PURPLE KISS “Can We Talk Again”

I don’t remember their debut but I really love this haunted trap rock vibe. Reminds me a bit of Dreamcatcher in a good way.

BIBI “Eat My Love”

Queen BIBI can do no wrong. This song is a fun bop and I am in love. How can you be chill and hype at the same time?

Gaho “Home”

A KING! I have not heard a song I don’t like from Gaho and this is not going to be a first. Finally a ballad this week that touches my soul.

BLOO “Drama”

Not exactly what I expected but it’s a nice chill vibe mixed with a crazy MV.

GEMINI “Know Me”

Gemini is someone I recently found and he satisfies my alternative K-R&B bug soooo much. His voice is so calming.

Gaeko, Kwan Jin Ah “마음이 그래”

I love a good rap/vocal duet. But Gaeko is singing to me and I ain’t mad. Not gonna lie, I forgot about Amoeba Culture when Crush left.

aespa “Forever”

I neither like or dislike this song. It’s a bit boring that’s why I have to skip it. If you’re going to do a ballad, make it interesting, PWEASE!

Momland X Chromance “Wrap Me In Plastic”

I don’t know who Chromance is and apparently I don’t know who Momoland is anymore either cause damn, new faces all around. Either way, the song is more annoying than enjoyable.

Sechskies “Don’t Look Back”

I really wanted to like this more than I did. It’s a ballad, it’s okay, but it’s boring as fuck.

Se So Neon “Jayu”

I usually like Se So Neon songs but this one does nothing for me.

Kim Myungsoo (L) “Memory”

How can L be boring in dramas AND in his solo? Is he nothing but a pretty face? Guess so.


I wanted to like this because I live for a house track but this ain’t this. Actually, give me my 4 mins back please.

Kid Milli, dress “Face & Mask”

I tried, and this wasn’t it for me.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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