Hit It or Skip It – February 2021 Week 3

It’s another Monday and yes, it’s snowing/raining again. February said to stay y’all asses in the house. Which if you think about it, is a good thing. But I will admit, I’m going a bit stir crazy. So what did I do this past week? Listen to a bunch of new music while I played Farm Together. This is my life now.

Chung Ha “Bicycle”

I expected to not like this but it freaking slaps. Her rap in this was fire!


It’s basically a commercial but it is sooo good. This shit is going to be stuck in my head.

LUCY “Hero”

This is a cute song and I can’t get enough of it. And I really like the progression of the song from sweet and groovy to more upbeat.

NCT 127 “Gimme Gimme”

I am always here for NCT 127’s brand of noise and this is no different. It’s a slower groove than Chain and I love it. The MV also is a selling point.

Kwon Jin Ah “Good Bye”

I am in love with this ballad. For some reason I just want to be wrapped in Jin Ah’s voice. It’s soothing yet so emotionally filled.

I.M ” God Damn”

This was close to being skipped but it was saved by the beat. What I liked was the vibe being served. What I didn’t like was the package.

Narachan from M.O.N.T “Beautiful Sunday”

This is adorable! It is a fun dancey track and it makes me wish more groups would do songs like this.

GOT7 “Encore”

Yes, I cried. Yes, I loved this.

Kang Daniel “Paranoia”

This is even shocking for me. I loved his last comeback and this just seems lack luster. It could be good but right now it feels generic.


Sugar Baby calls me a girl group anti… with songs like this I will be. It feels stale. And I’m pretty sure this was done better by other groups in the past.

KINGDOM “Excalibur”

This wasn’t bad but I couldn’t put it on the hit because it just was forgettable. The moment I stopped looking/listening, I forgot what the song sounded like.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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