Whatcha Watchin’ – February 22nd: There’s Too Much Damn Snow!

The way global warming be set up right now y’all. Whew. I was complaining about how we have had more snow this February than we have had in the last two weeks. Then this polar vortex decided to just wipe shit out and prove that America truly is the pits of hell. A “first world country” they claim… Pfft. Anyways. I hope that everyone stays safe and warm.

Sugar Baby Unnie

In all honesty I have not been very enthralled in dramaville for much of February. So there’s a bunch that I have to watch and get a feel of that I am gonna include here. Some may get First Impressions posts, others may not. By the time our next Whatcha Watchin’ comes around you may or may not see a few here.


Hello, Me: All the yes in the world. A first impression post will be posted tomorrow but I am LOVING this so far. It is giving what I wanted it to give.

Love Unexpected: This is so damn cute! I love a mindlessly fun drama! Streets saying they may be dating irl, but we know it is very likely a publicity stunt.

Mr. Queen: Now that this is completed, I decided that I will now binge it to completion. I enjoyed the episodes that I had seen and I have a few theories ya know.

Love Scene Number: The final story airs today! Can I just say how much I am enjoying this? I can relate to every girl in some way.

Test Dramas

Douluo Continent: Xiao Zhan…. Enough said.

River Where The Moon Rises: The story sounds really interesting and I think that Soo Hyun is really good in historical roles. Finally, Jisoo in a drama that I actually wanna watch as male lead.

Weaving A Tale of Love: Streets are saying it is garbage so I need to assess cause the screencaps look so pretty.

My Heroic Husband: Song Yi in a lead role! Controversy be damned! I need to see what this has to offer me.

Lazy Unnie

You would think I would be watching more dramas now that the country is covered in snow. But a last, I’m in a weird place and don’t really know what I wanna watch. Guess I should just keep starting shit to see what sticks.


The Uncanny Counter – I finally started this! I really like it and I don’t feel dumb because the title makes sense now. But I am really liking where it is going and I hope that it doesn’t get corny.

Hello, Me! – I absolutely love this!! I really didn’t know what to expect at first but you will get to see my full first impression later.

Go Go Squid 2: DT, Appledog’s Time – I gotta watch more of this but from what a friend has told me, it’s way different from its predecessor.

What’s On Deck?

Lovestruck in the City – MAYBE COMING SOON….

Vincenzo – I watched the first episode and I’m not sure how to feel. I guess once I finish the second and give you a full first impression will I decide if this is a keeper. But I will say Mr. Song is looking mighty fine in a 3-piece suit.

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One thought on “Whatcha Watchin’ – February 22nd: There’s Too Much Damn Snow!

  1. I love how your reviews are just stream of consciousness/inner voice type of flow…litterally saying what comes in your minds…really enjoy that….I am thinking of you from the relative safety of the Mediterranean sea (I am from Italy) and will continue follow your rantings to see whats good and whats not in dramaland…keep safe! and keep watching. Baci Crissy

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