Hit It or Skip It – March 2021 Week 2

Hi Hi! I’m back! Hope you all enjoyed Sugar Baby last week. It felt weird not to give my opinions on some songs but I gave her my own opinions and others I wrote an album review for… *cough* ATEEZ *cough*. Either way, there were a lot of songs I listened to this week, a lot new to me. Also, welcome back K-pop to Spotify. Glad they got their shit together.

WOW “Miss You”

This group feels like a hodge podge of members but the song doesn’t suck. Don’t know what else they have in store.

IZ “Say Yes”

They are such an underrated K-rock group. This has a nice rock ballad feel.

Earth Kim “Say What You Want”

I am in love with this guitar R&B vibe. Wish there was an MV to go with it but def getting added to the playlist.

Simon Dominic “Party Forever”

Daddy came through! This is exactly what I look for an adult style of hip-hop. Happy Birthday Ssam D but the present is him.

Homezone “forevermore”

Never heard of this artist but I’m in love. The song makes me want to just chill out with a bottle of wine.

WAYV “Kick Back”

This is no Bad Alive but I am here with their sound. The chorus is the highlight of the song. It’s a great workout track.

Punch “I’m Jealous feat, Real.be” & “My Everything”

OST queen came through with this R&B chill vibe track and I’m loving it. The MV is wacky but it fits her.
And of course she came through with a ballad that gives you all the feels. I feel like this is the most OST ready track ever.

DPR Ian “Nerves”

My husband is doing amazing things with this alternative pop-rock vibe.

Blackpink’s Rose “On The Ground”

I went in ready to hate this song but here I am liking it more and more I play it. It’s very western radio ready. Good, but basic.

Jiselle “Language feat. Changmo”

The only thing that would have been better for this was to have Changmo doing some sexy looks in the MV. I love this.

EXO’s Baekhyun, NCT’s Doyoung “Doll”

Of course I was going to love a song sung by some of my favorite vocalists. It’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket of their voices.

BDC “Moon Rider”

This just seemed boring. I couldn’t even remember the song once it stopped.

MAJORS “Spit It Out” & “Stronger”

It wasn’t bad but it was a little dull as a debut. I feel like the song needed something else.
They should have just left this as a B-side

Don Mills “머리 안의 콩팥”

As a return, I could have done without this.

Ghost9 “Seoul”

This is a no from me. I wish I knew what kind of sound they were going for here. I can’t even tell who they’re trying to emulate.

Soyou “Good Night My Love”

She has the vocals, just nothing to keep me interested.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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