Battle of the B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – Stray Kids

As a certifiable Stray, I didn’t think picking B-Sides would take long or be as hard. I was clearly wrong. When listening back and trying to pick the stand outs, I realized that people really be sleeping on these boys and they need their recognition! They’ve been through so much in such a short period of time, but they still crank out some good solid music. Now, come listen to the ones that get overlooked.

Mixtape (Pre-Debut EP, 2018)

YAYAYA – I can say for a fact that this is the song that officially made me a stay. I saw it live for the first time at KCON NY 2018 and was wow’d at the performance level of the group. These rookies performed a song with the confidence of a senior group and I was loving the rock element with the hip hop. I was in love.

I am NOT (Debut EP, 2018)

Grow Up – I love a song that is super emotional with a nice hook. That’s exactly what this song is. It’s the perfect encore, lighters or cellphones in the air, just swaying back and forth.

I am WHO (Second EP, 2018)

Insomnia – This whole EP is a B-side master class. I legit could have put each song here but this one stands out because it’s a blend of many genres that doesn’t sound like a mess. The R&B riffs really sell it for me. Now watch this adorable video of them in my city acting like baby fools.

I am YOU (Third EP, 2018)

N/S – This is straight hood… stray kids version. This is a song that you would think belonged to a KHH artist but nope, little babies of JYP. But Felix’s Barry White voice fits this mood SO much. Addicted.

Clé 1: MIROH (Fourth EP, 2019)

Victory Song – This is the era where Stray Kids became men. Rude ass men. And this song had a hand in the change. It’s one of the best hype songs and if it isn’t on your workout playlist, then you’re missing something. The way Felix and Hyunjin open the verses… demons I tell you.

Clé 2: Yellow Wood (Fifth EP, 2019)

TMT – This is the only album I refuse to acknowledge. It’s the mehist of them all. But this song I don’t hate. The club vibe that the pre-chorus and chorus have save it for me.

Clé : LEVANTER (Sixth EP, 2019)

Booster – Again, another album I’m not crazy about, but this song is pretty good. I like the pre-release and title track the most but I don’t think I can talk about Double Knot anymore. This album I feel is meh because of the transition from a 9 to 8 member group, but we don’t talk about that no more…

GO生 (First Studio Album, 2020)

EASY – Their first album is up there with I am WHO on the level of perfection of b-sides. But if you don’t rep Easy, then you don’t know what the amazingness that is Stray Kids. This probably has 3RACHA’s best rap verses. They are BEASTS!

IN生 (Repackage First Studio Album, 2020)

ANY – I love how this is a fun rap song at the end of the day. It makes me wanna dance and drop it low. But because I’m a noona with the knees of an ahjumma, I will refrain. Either way, this song is the perfect addition to any dance playlist.

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