Whatcha Watchin’ – March 22nd: Stop AAPI Hate

The influx of hate crimes and hatred towards AAPIs in America has been disheartening to see. We here at Unbothered Unnies are allies to the AAPI community. Please protect Asian people who are poor, undocumented, who don’t have the same resources as others in America. Please think about the Asian sex workers and massage parlor employees. We need to fight against white supremacy together.

Sugar Baby Unnie

Umm did you know March is almost over and I have only been watching the same two shows all day while ignoring everything else? Yep.


Hello, Me: Not them trying to sneak sneak a little incest in this? Not the aunt being extra?

Storm Eye: Not me wanting a love triangle between An Jing, Ma Shang and Miao Fei, but getting one with Du Meng instead.

He Is Psychometric: Not me accidentally getting spoiled about a death and no longer wanting to complete this but will because I don’t want Nat to call me a quitter.

My Heroic Husband: Not me having not watched any more of it since the last Whatcha Watchin’

Lazy Unnie

I actually have been watching things! But honestly, it’s mostly varieties. But at least I haven’t been just gaming. I did buy a new rug, so there is also that!


Hello, Me! – Even though I know some sad shit is on its way, I’m still enjoying this. I really can’t tell who is end game even though I know it better be Kim Young Kwang.

Where Stars Land – This was a random start and I’m only one episode in but I’m intrigued. Soo Bin’s face looks hella different though. Hmmm

The Uncanny Counter – I’m still going and maybe I’ll finish this week. We will see.


Sixth Sense – I don’t know why I fell into this show but honestly watching Jessi make a fool of herself is rather entertaining. I also like to see the other guests and cast sweat every time she talks.

Show Me The Money 9 – I have been binging the shit out of this season. This season was soooo good. I liked that I couldn’t call the winner from the beginning because all the rappers brought something different. Also… JUSTHIS… Call me.

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