Hit It or Skip It – March 2021 Week 3

Still working out the kinks with this and like lowkey missing round up only because there’s more room for me to be so entirely shady without rhyme or reason. Hehehe. Chungha released Demente MV which was not included in this week because it was a bside that had been previously reviewed when I did the album review: Click Here. I guess I can say that the MV is nice? Lmfao. Let’s see what were my bops this week and what didn’t even get the option to even be considered to be added to the playlist.

WOODZ “Feel Like”

He don’t miss! Woodz serving us the looks and the hooks! We had to stan!

Pentagon “DO or NOT”

Poor girl is 100% getting run by a train right now. Haha. I have an affinity for bg songs that are more in this style than the heavy edm tbh.

Purple Kiss ” Ponzona”

Full Album Review

DRIPPIN’ “Young Blood”

I think I may have to stan Drippin?

Mirae “Killa”

This is actually a really good debut song.. #Shook

Weeekly “After School”

This is so much better than whatever the song after Tag Me was.

Jessi “What Type of X”

NU NU NANA YOU ARE NOTHING. This is a million times better wow. Never attempt rap again please.

Stray Kidz, Alesso & Corsak “Going Dumb”

This is a fun club banger! Will probably become insipid after a while.

Ciipher “I like you”

It’s not bad.. It just screams of a nugu lack of production that it is not enjoyable. The autotune on this rivals BTS’ but at least BTS has sound engineers to work magic on the voices.

Super Junior “House Party”

This song was almost a hit but then they pulled that NCT trap rap crap in the middle and well now I gotta dislike it even though I liked 75% of the song. Think about your life. Think about your choices.

B.I “Midnight Blue “

This isn’t a bad song, but I am I likely to listen to this again? No.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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One thought on “Hit It or Skip It – March 2021 Week 3

  1. the shade in this, i-

    i saw a few people hyping cipher up and the group name gives me hope but thats it- i’m yet to stan lol

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