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Lovestruck in the City is a realistic portrayal of young people who pursue romance and happiness, while struggling to get by in a busy, competitive urban environment. Park Jae Won is an honest man, a passionate architect and lover of city alleyways. His hobby is collecting new hobbies. A romantic at heart, he cannot forget a certain woman. This thief of his heart, and his camera, has disappeared, much like a fleeting midsummer night’s dream. Lee Eun Oh is an ordinary woman who temporarily re-invents herself as the spontaneous and free-spirited Yun Seon Ah. On a whim, she heads to parts unknown, where Jae Won falls in love with her new identity.

  • Starring: Ji Chang Wook | Kim Ji Won | Kim Minseok | So Ju Yeon | Ryu Kyung Soo | Han Ji Eun
  • Episodes: 17 (33 Min.)
  • Aired: December 22, 2020 – February 16, 2021
  • Network: Netflix
  • Where to Watch: Netflix

From just a glance at the trailer, I really thought this was going to be a snorefest. A friend of mine kept begging me to watch it and she said I wouldn’t regret it. I’m really glad she made me start this because my assumptions about this were completely wrong.

At the base, this is just a show about different couples and their approach to relationships. It is presented in as if all 3 couples are on a documentary style reality show. When it was first shown to be that way, I was a bit confused because it just seemed like they were breaking the 4th wall and talking to the viewers. But that ambiguous character of the “documentary” was actually genius. It allowed us, the viewer, an inside look to what these characters were truly feeling and how they behaved without prejudice.

Speaking of the characters, I loved and hated them at the same time. The more episodes I watched, the more I felt like they were my own group of friends. I’ll go couple by couple. Starting off with the obvious main of Ji Chang Wook and Kim Ji Won’s Park Jae Won and Lee Eun Oh/Yoon Sun ah. This couple was the most annoying because some of the choices they made had me questioning their sanity. I really was torn with liking Jae Won because the fact that he was so about Yoon Sun Ah that he legit said I love you when they fucked. Like bro! Calm the hell down. But what annoyed me the most was how Eun Oh was obviously in love with Jae Won, but everything was a big secret. Even from her besties for life, Kang Gun and Seo Rin Yi. A lot of their turmoil could have been avoided with some communication.

Second and third were the relationships between Jae Won’s cousin Choi Kyung Joon and Seo Rin Yi and the off and on one of Kang Gun and badass Oh Sun Young. These were my favorite couples and I wish there was more time dedicated to them. Kang Gun and Sun Young seemed like the most realistic relationship of the three and I really hope for a second season to see more of them. But the stand out was obviously So Ju Yeon’s Seo Rin Yi. She was an adorable free spirited part timer who was content in her life. But Choi Kyung Joon played by the oh so sexy Kim Min Seok was the straight guy who loved her forever. He did come off a little stalkery and I was not here for that. But it was refreshing to see how their relationship started in the beginning of the show and where it ended up by the end.

What I liked most about this show was the fact that these characters were behaving in a way you would expect 20 and 30 somethings to behave. They lusted, loved and really showed it all. The ups and the downs of falling in love were all present. I also loved how small the world was. Everyone was connected in obvious and random ways at the same time. The realness and the sexy ass chemistry is definitely a perk with this drama.

Acting : 8.5/10
Story : 8.5/10
Music : 8/10
Overall : 8.5/10
Recommended For : People looking for a more adult romantic comedy

Fave Song : Love and PainLee Suhyun

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