To All The Oppas and Unnies We Loved – First Quarter 2021

Happy 2021… the sequel to 2020. This first quarter is a little different because instead of forcing opinions, we decided to each take a half. So Sugar Baby has the Oppa and Lazy has the Unnie. Maybe next quarter we get floored by some more people and will have 4 again.

Sugar Baby’s ‘Oppa’

Gong Jun

Dear Gong Jun,

I would like my eggs to be cracked and scrambled. What a man! What a man! I need to go on record and say that I was trying to have you spread me wide like butter on toast long before you became the phenomenal star that you are now thanks to Word of Honor so basically I should get first dibs on the cock. 😇

It’s been so great watching your rise to fame and I love that there are more offers coming your way. I thought you were so adorable, cute and freaking fine in Begin Again and even though I saw you in things previously that was the one for meeee. I can’t wait for the best for you that is yet to come. I love you, husband.

Lazy Unnie’s ‘Unnie’

So Ju Yeon

Dear Cabbage Patch,

I adore you. Everything is just perfect. When I saw you were casted as the lead in the Korean version of A Love So Beautiful, I knew that you were the perfect choice. Sadly you weren’t gifted with a suitable lead costar, but I know you probably were a shining star.

Just like you were a shining star for me in Lovestuck in the City. Your character was so relatable and I believe that is because of your portrayal alone. You know how to do sweet and quirky without being annoying. Now you have me wanting to binge Dr. Romantic 2 just so I can see your dimpled smile on the screen. You are definitely the kind of leading lady that I look for in dramas and I can’t wait to see you in many many more.

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