Hit It or Skip It – April 2021 Week 1

I know I’m late but since this is technically supposed to be Sugar Baby’s week and she’s away, I feel like I deserve a pass. And my last week’s prediction was right, everyone decided to release music at the end of the month because holy shit, so many songs.

Kang Seung Yoon “YAH”

I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t hate it and I love the rocker feel.

pH-1 “Antisocial”

It is really hard for me to hate when pH-1 does anything really. Then he makes songs that are always so on brand for me.

Kim Sejeong feat. lilBOI “Warning”

I liked this more than I thought I would. It is cute and the lilBOI feature gave it the edge the song needed. Well done.

Baekhyun “Bambi”

New King of KR&B is just doing everything right. He is trying to give us some babies before he goes away for 18 months.


I wanted to skip it based on the MV but the song is really good and it reminds me of older BGs. Wish the concept matched.




Low key but high key love this. This is a great dance track and the hook is addicting.

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi “Spider”

I immediately get Taemin/Wonho vibes but that isn’t really a bad thing. It’s groovy and the performance makes it better.


I live for PLT members and this song is exactly what I wanted and expected. I’m not crazy about the autotune but thats hip-hop.


KARD 2.0 just didn’t bring it this time. I just kept waiting for the song to… do more and it just felt one note.

Kim Sung Kyu “HUSH”

Kind of wish it would have stayed more of a ballad and didn’t go more upper tempo.

Park Bom Feat. Changmo “Do Re Mi Fa Sol”

The song isn’t actually bad but it isn’t one that I can listen to again. I don’t know if its because of all the work she had done but Bom’s voice kinda fucks this song up.

T1419 “EXIT”

This had the potential to be good but it’s not catchy at all. And legit forgettable.

BTS “Film Out”

As a fan I’m disappointed as fuck. Like… I legit fell asleep listening.

2Z “O@SIS”

They have done better things in the past. This just feels… lacking.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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