Whatcha Watchin’ – April 6th: All By Myself

So this trick left me alone for a week! How dare she… either way, I was true to my name and hella lazy and forgot about this. If you don’t tell, I won’t either.

Lazy Unnie

I’ve had a bit of watch ADD and have been jumping around from show to show, not really finding my groove in what to watch. I need to make April a month where I just finish all the shows I have half watched so come May, I can watch all new things. But we will see.


Hello, Me! – It’s the final week! I can see them start to wrap up some storylines but I still feel like 2 episodes isn’t enough for me to be satisfied with it. I guess we’ll see.

The Brightest Star in the Sky – This had been on my list for a long time and I finally started it. It’s probably going to be a slow burn because it’s entertaining so far but there are a lot of parts I find extremely boring. They need to hurry up with the romance.

18 Again – Have I mentioned I love Lee Do Hyun? Cause if I didn’t… now you know. I am not the biggest fan of the American source material, sorry Zefron. But I am liking this so far. So much second hand embarrassment.


High School Rapper 4 – After I sped through SMTM9, I had to start HSR4 and now I’m anxiously waiting new subbed episodes.

Kingdom: Legendary War – I don’t know why this season is causing me anxiety. Maybe because all the groups, except SF9, all have members missing or scandals surrounding them. I love each group and am anticipating some amazing performances. But it does make me a little sad.

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3 thoughts on “Whatcha Watchin’ – April 6th: All By Myself

  1. I got through most of The Brightest Star in the Sky, although some of it was a slog. I think I dropped it around episode 36. It wasn’t worse at ep. 36, it just turned really formulaic and I wasn’t in the mood for that. I have to say the song Zitao’s song grew on me big time after hearing it 5 billion times per episode lol. It’s on my playlist now.

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