Hit It or Skip It – April 2021 Week 2

We are heading into the second quarter of the year and everyone seems to be coming out with music. I thought I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed but damn, slow down. But I even shocked myself with my opinions this week.

WENDY “Like Water”

New face but same amazing voice. I am in love with this ballad. Her voice is truly soothing.


This is a different sound and concept for them. Astro went down that sexy generic BG lane. But the song isn’t terrible.

Mirani feat. pH-1 “Daisy”

First lady of AREA!! I love how addicting this song is and even though it’s all autotuned, I love her rap style. And I’m probably the only one shipping her with pH-1.

D-Crunch “My Name”

The MV doesn’t match the vibe of the song but I really love the rock ballad undertones.

Chanyeol “Tomorrow”

SM should have just let him debut as a rock soloist because this is the tea here.


They give me a SNSD mixed with new school sounds and I like it.

OnlyOneOf “libidO”

This song is becoming viral and I can see why. Outside of the sexy performance, this song has a nice futuristic R&B vibe.


This feels like a cute springy song. A bit of a bop. The pre-chorus and chorus sell me on this song.

SuperM “We DO”

Even though this isn’t even going to be on any one’s album… this is a BOP! I can already feel the haters coming for them but that’s just because they do things better.

Moon Sujin feat. Moon Taeil of NCT “The Moon”

When you have people who can really sing, the song is magical. When Taeil came in, the song was elevated 10X. Love this jazzy ballad.


I tried but this has to be a pass for me. Her voice becomes annoying really quickly.

Lee Jin Hyuk “5K”

I wanted to like this but Jinhyuk doesn’t have the skills to keep up this solo career. He’s not that good of a rapper and this song shows it.

Kim Jae Hwan “I Wouldn’t Look For You”

I absolutely adore Jaehwan’s voice but this song isn’t it. It just falls flat.

BAE173 “Loved You”

This sounds like a bad europop song. Like I need to be on a boat to enjoy this, maybe.

Amber Liu feat. Peniel of BTOB “Neon”

I wanted to like this but it just feels like Amber is a youtuber who knows how to sing. The song felt hollow.

2Z “O@SIS”

They have done better things in the past. This just feels… lacking.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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2 thoughts on “Hit It or Skip It – April 2021 Week 2

  1. “I can already feel the haters coming for them but that’s just because they do things better.” Didn’t lie lol. It’s cute seeing the haters try though. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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