Lazy Unnie’s Couch: Kakafukaka

I never thought I would see him again. Aki Terada said goodbye to her first love long ago. When her current boyfriend is caught cheating on her, Aki moves out of her apartment and into a sharehouse, where she’s reuinted with her first love. When things get heated between them, he drops a major bomb … Heart and body and everything in between intersect in this fresh new adult love story.

  • Starring: Morikawa Aoi | Nakao Masaki
  • Episodes: 10 (25 Min.)
  • Aired: April 25 – June 27, 2019
  • Network: MBS
  • Where to Watch: VIKI

If I thought that Shanai Marriage Honey was a cute intro to Japanese dramas, Kakafukaka took that and threw me in the gutter. I’m no stranger to mature themes or scenes but damn, I was not prepared for this. But I think I would be more okay with it if the characters were more likeable or if I understood some of their motives more.

Let me start off saying that I didn’t like anyone. Not one character had anything I could root for. At some points they started to just be annoying. When Aki Terada moved into the sharehouse, I thought this was going to be a sexy sweet story about co-habitation with her first love. It was def some of that but when Hongyo Tomoya basically said to her that he’s been suffering erectile dysfunction for 2 years and he can only get it up for her, I was like the fuck. First of all, not sexy nor romantic. But their whole relationship didn’t seem it. From when they were in middle school, their whole first experience seemed hella rapey. Besides that weird dynamic, there was the one between the house owner, Hase, and Aki.

I understand the plot device of a character thinking they have to get married for family reasons, but for Hase to basically propose to Aki because she can cook and clean?? Bruh, calm the hell down. At points, I kinda shipped it because the whole Aki sleeping with Hongyo so he can have an erection was getting too much for me. I mean, Hase even got her a job. And because this is kinda a corny drama, of course Aki thinks, or knows, she’s in love with Hongyo. Whatever.

Another weird but actually kinda funny relationship was the one between Aki and the third roommate, Akari. She was a weird one with bad acting but I actually liked the weird sismance they had. Aki cooked and basically took care of Akari but it was Akari that told Aki to actually have some confidence in herself. That was nice to see. We all need friends who are willing to be a bitch to us for our wellbeing.

At the end, I really don’t know what the point of this story was. Was it for Hongyo to cure his erectile dysfunction and in turn his writers block that he was also suffering from? Or was it for Aki to gain confidence in herself again through the means of being a sexual tool for Hongyo? Who fucking knows.

Acting : 5/10
Story : 6/10
Music : 0/10
Overall : 6/10
Recommended For : Anyone looking for a bit of soft corn porn with minimal plot.

Fave Song : N/A

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