Hit It or Skip It – April 2021 Week 4

I loved my week off but I’m back again with my need to listen to any and everything. I tried not to have so many but well…whatever.

DAY6 “You Make Me”

They really are the kings of this Pop Rock sound even though I wish they would be more rock than pop. The vocals make this stand out. MISS YOU BOB.

APINK “Thank You”

I’m a sucker for some cute shit and this is right there with it. Sometimes bad bitches need to be cute.

PENOMECO “Hotel Lobby”

Yass get your PSY coins boy! This is so vibey, I’m in love.

P1Harmony “Scared”

Going for that NCT style song. It’s not as good as them but still memorable.

ORBIT “Dionaea”

Thought this said diarrhea but this is clearly not shit. They have a SVT kinda sound with this but not bad.


Penomeco holding it down for Fanxy Child with the great R&B tracks while they’re in the military.

Peakboy “Anywhere”

I always forget he’s a singer and when I hear him I’m always pleasantly surprised. This is one of those times.


Not a terrible song but they have better versions of this same song I feel.

ORBIT “Blind”

When you have two title tracks, you run into the chance one is better than the other. This just happens to be the other.

SEVENTEEN “ひとりじゃない”

I wanted to love this but this falls flat when you hold it against their whole discography.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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