Hit It or Skip It – April 2021 Week 5

Ew… Not me giving men rights for the last week of April… I’m gonna be sick.

Enhyphen ‘Drunk-Dazed’

idk anything about this group, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t like their debut. Here I am pleasantly surprised. It has a very infectious vibe.

AB6IX ‘Close’

AB6IX makes generally enjoyable music and we stan for that.

ONF ‘Ugly Dance’

It’s not an instant bop like Beautiful Beautiful but this is a good enough follow up song. Hahah. Maybe I will learn the members names (probably not).

ph-1 (ft. Jamie) “365/7”

It’s a good vibe.

Hot Issue ‘Gratata’

The chorus is such ass omg idk how but I just know this is Teddy’s fault.


Idk if I would eat what they’re cooking tbh. There’s a song somewhere here but I’m not interested in listening to it again so there’s that.

(G)-idle “Last Dance”

Gidle is definitely just not the group for me. I just can’t stand Soyeon’s singing voice at all.

ITZY ‘In the morning’

Okay hear me out, objectively.. not a very good song. BUT THE MUSIC VIDEO IS GREAT. I think this one may end up a grower tbh. 🥺 #STOCKHOLMSYNDROM

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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