Whatcha Watchin’ – May 3 – It’s gonna be…

Can’t believe we are already in the month of May! The year is almost at its mid point and that just seems wild. We hope yall are still staying safe! Masked up and vaxxed up! The panoramic is still happening.

Sugar Baby Unnie

I said that I was going to do better and I did so what’s good fam? No, but forreal. So many things to watch so little time. Happy May!


Currently Watching

Rattan: The end is upon us and I am so sad. So very very sad. I only have three more episodes to go and I am savoring it a little.

Storm Eye: Not much progress on this one since our last update, but with me almost being done with Rattan, I shall be back to the binging glory of this one.

Love Scenery: WHY ARE THEY SO DAMN CUTE? OHMYGOD. Naurrr.. IQIYI should definitely put this on Netflix or Viki soon.

Marriage Not Dating: I forgot how HILARIOUS this show was! It is just so funny and great. It is helping me out a lot.

No Boundary: I started this because of the comment that Darren made and I am so happy I did! It is very fun and cute.

On The Radar

So I Married An Anti-fan: Sooyoungie!!!! I have been looking forward to this because I have read the manga and watched the movie. Hahah. So I gotta give it one view.

Youth of May: You know I am properly obsessed with Do Hyun after watching Sweet Home, plus we have Go Min Si too?? Come on!

Love Like White Jade: I’ve been hearing good things and I am intrigued! Plus I have enjoyed both the leads in dramas that I have seen before.

The Romance of Tiger and Rose : I think it is time that I figure out the hold that Zhao Lusi has on twitter because listen….

Octogenarian and the 90s: Bai Jingting and Janice Wu. #EnoughSaid

Lazy Unnie

I have legit started and stopped so many shows in the matter of days! But lets see if I stick with any of them. All I really want is something romancey, damnit.


Sell Your Haunted House – I fucking love this show. It’s funny, scary and Jang Nara is KILLING it in this role. I don’t even miss the fact that there isn’t any romance… yet. I just love the dynamic of the characters.

TharnType – I’m hate watching this at this point. This show is highly recommended in the BL world and I keep asking myself why. Who fucking likes these men?

So I Married the Anti-Fan – FINALLY THIS SHOW IS HERE! I feel like it’s been years since I decided I was going to watch this. I loved the first two episodes so much and really can’t wait for the next two.

Still 2gether – I loved the fully original and of course I had to start the sequel. I’m still waiting for some more skinship.

18 Again – This is the week I go back to watching this, I promise.


High School Rapper 4 – Legit waiting on the finale to be subbed. I’ve surprisingly haven’t spoiled myself with the winner. This is a test in patience.

Kingdom: Legendary War – They are really milking the shit out of these episodes. Part of me loves the behind the scenes stuff and the other wants more performances and interactions with the groups. Either way, MNET is doing The Boyz dirty. And that’s fact.

On Deck

Law School – From the posts I’ve seen on tumblr, I really wanna start this one. But I am still scared it might be boring.

Taxi Driver – Not gonna lie, I legit just wanna watch this because of Lee Jehoon. He is so underrated, I love him.

The Sweet Blood – I really wanna watch something with Vampires, so I’m just waiting for this to be closer to ending.

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