To All The Oppas and Unnies We Loved – Second Quarter 2021

Hard to believe we’re already at the halfway mark into the year! For this quarter, we returned to our regularly scheduled programming and offered up an unnie and oppa each! Here’s to all the love that we had to give!

Sugar Baby’s ‘Oppa’

Ding Yuxi

Dear Booxi,

It’s the way I always thought you were fine as hell and this was before I ever saw you in any drama. I liked that you didn’t look like a majority of the leads in chinese projects and then I fell so hard for you when I finally watched you in The Romance of Tiger and Rose.. I believe in your supremacy. You are so damn fine.

I am pretty sure that we shall be getting more acquainted once I dabble deeper into your dramas, but the crush that I have on you right now is even more intense. I demand more roles!! I really think you’re very talented actor and I see great fortune in your future. Welcome to my harem.

Sugar Baby’s ‘Unnie’

Wan Peng

Dear Cutie,

Why are you so cute??!! I have decided that you are my next adoptee standing tall beside Sun Qian. I love the energy and diversity that you give me in every role that I have seen you in. I am immensely enjoying Love Like White Jade and I will be picking up When We Were Young after that is complete and I hope the rumors of the sequel to My Girlfriend is An Alien is true!

I see a very bright future ahead for you! I can’t wait to watch more of your filmography and I know that there is so much more that you have to offer! Continue to be the shining star that you are and try to smooze more with the execs of Tencent and iQiyi so that you can take over [redacted] roles.

Lazy Unnie’s ‘Oppa’

Seo In Guk

Dear BeBe,

I’m more surprised than you that this is the first time that you’ve hit my oppa list. From when I first watched Reply 1997, something about that smile that caught my heart. Or could it have been the way your puppy dog ways in Shopping King Louie made my heart flutter? Either way, by the time you made me cry my eyes out in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, I knew it was love. The way you suck me in with each role you take on is mesmerizing.

Don’t even get me started on the way you kiss. You are definitely fighting Mr. Park Seo Jun for the top spot of best kisser. But I’m pretty sure I fell head over heels when I heard that amazing voice of yours. BeBe is a constant replay on my playlist and your OST appearances are like gems to my ears. I am not so patiently waiting for your full music return. For now I’ll take any crumbs you give.

Lazy Unnie’s ‘Unnie’

Jang Na Ra

Dear Queen Nara,

I never knew I loved you until I was knee deep into Sell Your Haunted House and every time you were on screen I smiled even when you were playing a hard ass bitch. You’ve played the good girl in every show I’ve seen of yours since falling into Fated To Love You and I knew then you were something special. You’re the kind of leading lady that makes a viewer and especially myself, root for you. Even through the dumpster fire that was The Last Emperess.

There is something about that sweet smile and comedic timing you have with your characters that draws people in. Some may think you’re typecasted but I believe it is just you cementing your place as k-drama royalty.

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