Hit It or Skip It – July 2021 Week 1

I feel like this may be one of my biggest week’s yet. Everyone and their auntie decided to come out with things last Monday and it hasn’t slowed down since.

BDC “Moonlight”

I feel like this group is extremely underrated but this song is really good. It has a retro vibe but also not feeling dated.


Not even going to hold you fam, this song is not the best. But it is highly addictive and the beat tended to get stuck in my head all week. And the rap break was surprisingly good. Should have called this song Voodoo.

DRIPPIN “Free Pass”

This is the kind of summer light song you want from a young group. Very classic boy group with a nice groovy beat.

2PM “Make It”

At first I didn’t like it because I felt like it was just giving us another “My House” but as you listen, it has that nice a grown vibe and the chorus is really catchy.

Han Seung Woo “See You Again”

Definitely one for the chill playlist. Kind of reminds me of when Taeyang from Big Bang does ballads.

LOCO & Lee Sung Kyung “러브”

They broke the internet with people thinking they were dating. All they did was give us a sweet as shit duet. I want a Lee Sung Kyung album ASAP.

DPR LIVE “Yellow Cab”

This is the right amount of weird and different that makes you want to reconsider what you think Korean Hip-Hop is.

BM “13IVI”

I was WAITING to hate this but look at Matt doing his damn thing. This track got me really feeling myself.

DONGKIZ “Crazy Night”

Another surprising hit for me. I really liked the anti-drop chorus. The deep bass and slight house influences make me fall in love with it.


You can tell this is a Hui produced track because it feels like a CIX song in the style of Pentagon. Which means I like it a lot.

Brave Girls “Pool Party” (Feat. E-CHAN of DKB)

This should have been the title of their album. It’s legit the perfect summer track. A nice retro song that is happy and makes you wanna dance. And E-CHAN did his thang.

NCT DREAM “Hello Future”

This came as a shocker to me that I wasn’t feeling this song. Even though the vocals aren’t bad, the song has a weird stale feel to it.

LOONA “Paint The Town”

If EVERGLOW and (G)I-DLE had a baby, this would be the song but not as good.

Coogie “I Got Feeling”

I’ve heard better things from my man. This was repetitive but not in a good way.


As far as concepts go, Kingdom gets an A+ for the assignment. As for the song, I’m not sold 100% on it. It might make it to my playlist but will be skipped 90% of the time.

AleXa “Xtra” (With BM of KARD)

I wanted to like this more than I did. It just felt like a recycled Pussycat Dolls song.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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