Battle of the B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – SHINee

This has been a long time coming. I’ve always said that if I stanned K-pop earlier, SHINee would be my OG group. Their style and music choices seem to always fall into the realm of my sweet spot. They are also the first group where I could say I stan all members and I don’t have a set bias because all make me love them for different reasons. Anyway, this has been a labor of love to go through their discography and pick out the hidden gems among hits.

Replay (Debut EP, 2008)

Replay (Boom Track) – Nothing can stand up to the monster debut that is Replay. It is the anthem of noona love and I am absolutely okay with that. So of course I had to pick a remix of the song. And it really set up the future of SHINee just killing all the R&B styled music they would put out.

The SHINee World (First Studio Album, 2008)

Love’s Way – True R&B heads will know immediately that this song is actually sampled from Force MD’s’ Tender Love. And I think that’s why I love this song so much. It immediately puts me in that nostalgic mindset.

Amigo (Repackage First Studio Album, 2008)

Last Gift- I am in love when SHINee does old school R&B songs and really allows their vocals to shine.

Romeo (Second EP, 2009)

Romeo+Juliette – I had to pick the song that was the romantic vibe. And now that my whole world is rocked by finding out that Juliette is a remake… yeah… just listen, it’s good.

2009, Year of Us (Third EP, 2009)

Y.O.U (Year of Us) – It’s really hard to top Ring Ding Dong as a song, especially in this time. But I really loved how different this song was from the rest on that album. Kind of reminded me of an early New Edition song.

Lucifer (Second Studio Album, 2010)

A-YO – There is something about this song that just gets me hype. It’s like a whole build up to the chorus and it allows you to just sing at the top of your lungs… AYO AYO

Hello (Repackage Second Studio Album, 2010)

One– Back again with another SHINee ballad. But can you blame me?! Onew makes you fall in love with the simplest notes. And I really love how far Taemin came from the beginning to this point vocally. And the hats were EVERYTHING.

Sherlock (Fourth EP, 2012)

Honesty– I’m a sucker for easy listening guitar focused songs and this is that kind of song. It’s simple and pulls at my heartstrings as I listen.

Dream Girl – The Misconceptions of You (Third Studio Album Part 1, 2013)

Punch Drunk Love– I really couldn’t tell you why I love this song but I think it has something to do with it’s very 80’s movie soundtrack vibe that it is giving off.

Why So Serious? – The Misconceptions of Me (Third Studio Album Part 2, 2013)

Sleepless Night– We just gonna have to live with the fact that SHINee’s best b-sides happen to be vocal heavy ballads. I ain’t mad and if you are then tasteless.

The Misconceptions of Us (Third Studio Album, 2020)

Selene 6.23 – Let’s just all cry with how beautiful this is.

Everbody (Fifth EP, 2013)

Colorful– Look at me picking a cute upbeat song. But come on, this is hella cute and one of my favorite songs if I want to get in a good mood. Instant smile.

Odd (Fourth Studio Album, 2015)

Trigger– Leave it to SHINee to be sexy and rough at the same time. This song took those vocals I love and put some stank on it. If I was a stripper, this would be on the rotation.

Married to the Music (Repackage Fourth Studio Album, 2015)

Savior– I was actually surprised at this song because Married to the Music is my favorite SHINee track and it’s hard to come close to that. I’m not saying savior does, but it’s definitely a bop on an album that had hits after hits.

1 of 1 (Fifth Studio Album, 2016)

Prism– This feels like an invitation to their bed. SHINee is trying to seduce me with sexy hooks and a trance beat. I feel like I’m hooking up in the club with this.

Feel Good – There is no way I’m mentioning b-sides and not mentioning this song. It’s soooooo good. The chorus alone is so addicting that I could sing it on a loop all day long.

1 and 1 (Repackage Fifth Studio Album, 2016)

Rescue – We in the real sexy era of SHINee. I love this up tempo R&B track that they are giving us. And of course it’s a Kenzie and Underdogs production. It reeks of them in the best way. They’re my rescueeee.

The Story of Light (EP 1 of Sixth Studio Album, 2018)

All Day All Night – This comeback was bittersweet and we all know why. This was also my first comeback as a shawol. Either way… this song is a serious bop. I swore it was the title track for the longest. Them sticking with their house agenda and I live. Their chorus goes so hard just to go smooth. It’s the best kind of musical rollercoaster.

The Story of Light (EP 2 of Sixth Studio Album, 2018)

Drive – I think I liked this the best because it felt like a perfect companion to I Want You. It felt like it had a more playful tone and again, that guitar rift in the back is amazing.

The Story of Light (EP 3 of Sixth Studio Album, 2018)

Lock You Down – There is so much I can say about this song. The fact that I can pick Jonghyun’s voice out in it makes me want to cry but also celebrate that it’s all 5 of them. It also is a stark difference between the lead track of Our Page.

The Story of Light: Epilogue (Sixth Studio Album, 2018)

You & I – I had to pick my baby Key’s song. Super emotional and it is the lyrics that makes this one stand out amongst the rest for me.

Don’t Call Me (Seventh Studio Album, 2021)

I Really Want You – There were so many songs I could have picked off this album. Especially since the title track was lackluster. I love how upbeat and dancey this is. It immediately puts me in a good mood. And I love the back chorus. SO funky.

Atlantis (Repackage Seventh Studio Album, 2021)

Area – Here we are picking another subdued track but I think that’s what makes it special and stands out amongst the others. It has a hint of haunting vibes and really shows the vocal rang of the group. Those falsettos are killer.

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2 thoughts on “Battle of the B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – SHINee

  1. Y’all… I would’ve cried making a post like this! TOO DAMN HARD! 😭

    Finally someone who loves Rescue! That’s one of my favourites. I also share the opinion on the last 2 albums when it comes to b-sides cause those two are everything.

    SHINee are insane tbh. Most of my favourite songs by them are b-sides (Romantic, Alarm Clock) and that tells a lot about how good their discography is.

  2. I agree! You can really tell a group by their b-sides because anyone can make a popular title track. It’s like a sandwich. The bread is gonna be good cause it’s bread, but if the inside is trash then you gotta throw the whole sandwich away.

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