Hit It or Skip It – July 2021 Week 3

This week felt like a stretch. It felt as if I was searching far and wide for releases. So this post is as skinny as I hope to be one day.

punchnello “Boy In The Mirror (ft. Kidd King)”

Forgot this kid was on AOMG but damn did he go hard. I was really ready for some sad rap but this a whole vibe.

HA:TFELT “Summertime”

This is a “drink in hand” chill kind of summer song. It’s exactly what I love about her. She knows how to just effortlessly deliver a song.

RAIN,MONSTA X,BraveGirls,ATEEZ “Summer Taste”

You gotta love a huge collab song for paid promotion. It’s cute, clubby and surprisingly fits all the artists involved.

E.SO “Orgel”

I liked the dreamy aspect both the song and MV gave.

OnlyOneOf “question mark”

These are my underrated kings! This song is so good. It’s sexy and I am so sad there isn’t a MV yet to go along with it.

Rumble.G “Roopretelcham”

This song isn’t really bad but it isn’t good either. For a debut it was alright. It shows that this group has some potential but you won’t catch me replaying this song.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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