Hit It or Skip It – July 2021 Week 5

It was a real Hodge Podge of releases this week. We had everything from coffee shop styled solo’s to OG KHH legends coming out of the woodwork. I think my eclectic taste in music really showed in what I liked and disliked this week.

D.O “Rose”

I went in ready to trash this because I wanted R&B Kyungsoo. But what I got was cute coffee shop Soo and I was feeling the vibe.


This is a sound I wasn’t expecting from Akmu but there is something to be said about this singer-songwriter brother & sister duo, they know the hits and aren’t boring.


They did NOT need to go this hard on a non-album track, but they did. Whew, wig was snatched.

SOLE ft. WONSTEIN “Stay With Me”

I don’t know who she is but this song is the shit. I love the jazzy R&B feel of it and Wonstein’s voice is magical for me.

TIGER JK “Love Peace”

This the whole vibe. One of the rare ones that can rap in both English and Korean with no problems.

Dreamcatcher “Because”

Queens are back! This slaps. Not my favorite from them but I did miss this gothy rock vibe from them.

BewhY “Celebration”

Did not expect this funky jam from mister BewhY. Guess he’s like lets have fun, I’m married and about to go away for 18 months, Let’s dance!

Jinyoung “Dive”

Another one I was expecting to hate. But I like this smooth rocker vibe he’s giving in this surprise release. I love how soothing his voice always is.

Jackson Wang “Drive You Home”

I don’t hate it but it isn’t something I would listen to on the regular. The MV is really cinematic and I appreciate that. But the sing rap from him isn’t for me.


This feels like something they’ve already released with the full group. Bore.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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