Whatcha Watchin’ – August 9th – Delta Plus????

We will never be free from this pandemic! Covid went and got all its sorority sisters. We are already preparing for our booster shots. Thank the Lord that we never stopped wearing our masks.

Sugar Baby Unnie

I am still in a weird place, BUT some things have been sticking so that’s a positive? I’ve just been so into reading these days it’s becoming a problem also Love Island kind of took over.


Be Together: Almost at the end and I only care about Han Shuang, Xia Yan, Ma Ke and Cheng Yi.

Remembrance Things of Past: I started this for the excellent cast and what a great story so far? Oh wow.

Witch’s Diner: Chae Jong Hyeop is so hot? It feels wrong that he’s in high school in this drama.


On Deck

Broker: Gotta see what Luo Yunxi and Victoria cooked up although I very much doubt I will be really into it.

You Are My Glory: Not a fan of esports, BUT Dilraba and Yang Yang.. #EnoughSaid

Crush: I believe in Wan Peng supremacy.

Black Cinderella: I had watched the first episode a while back and now I am finally happy all episodes are on Viki.

Lazy Unnie

I’m in that weird place after finishing 3 dramas basically back to back. I need to finish some half started things but also wanna watch a bunch of new shit. But instead I just end up watching docuseries on Netflix.


Hospital Playlist – Waiting for Sugar Baby so we can get this off the docket.

Racket Boys – I legit binged what was available in two days. I love the wholesomeness of this show!

Hello, Mr. Gu – I’m finally toward the end and I just need to push through because I’m annoyed with the 3rd act miscommunication.

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