Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Love Like White Jade

Love Like White Jade

Genre: Historical, Action, Mystery, Romance, Comedy
Origin: China
Episodes: 32
Air-date: Apr 11, 2021 – May 11, 2021
Starring: Wan Peng as Shui Wu Xia, Gala Zhang as Jiang Bai Yu / Shen Qing Li, Liu Yu Han as Jiang Tian Ling, Fortuna Yu as Qi De Long

Shui Wu Xia, a maid at Langya Pavilion, is hired by Jiang Manor to assist Master Jiang Bai Yu with his studies and martial arts training. The proud, valiant Wu Xia clashes with the arrogant, playful Jiang Bai Yu. Both have a secret – Wu Xia is looking for her long-lost older brother, while Bai Yu is investigating his father’s mysterious death. Fate brings them together often enough for Bai Yu to reform his wanton habits, allowing Wu Xia to witness his sincere, determined heart. Eventually, they will uncover that Wu Xia’s brother’s disappearance and Bai Yu’s father’s murder are indeed linked. Together they unveil their common enemy’s schemes, avoiding total chaos, and in the process, returning peace to the Jiang Continent’s citizenry.


My problem with dramas is that when I get bored, I just stop. I had forgotten I was watching this until recently and I was like “okay let’s just power through”.. Now, it wasn’t that this drama was bad, but just predictable and chemistry can only do so much. I think that Chinese dramas really need to understand when to put an end to their story. This drama was eight episodes too much in all honesty.

This story is one that we have seen time and time again especially in the historical genre for CDRAMAS. You could predict every portion of this drama down to the episodes where this would happen. Every cliche that you can think of from a story point is present which like I have said on its own is not an issue because cliches and tropes exist for a reason. However, like I said, if a drama then stretches the story it just becomes tiring. I liked this story simply because of the cast and the comedic elements that peppered the story. If this drama focused a bit more on trying not to take itself seriously I would have enjoyed it 100% more.

With that being said, let’s talk about how I believe in Wan Peng supremacy? This girl is a gold mine! Her and Gala Zhang’s chemistry was great. I loved them every time they were on screen together effectively making up for a majority of the dramas eventual flaws. I did enjoy all of the romance lines even if they were a lot of insta love / love at first sight going on, but alas this is a wuxia so like what is to be expected at this point? I do think the cast had really good synergy and I found Fang Yun Cheng to be a funny sidekick to Bai Yu’s gimmick.

As for the music, it wasn’t very memorable, but I really did enjoy the opening theme song. Also, acting wasn’t too shabby either. Overall, I just think this drama would have benefitted from fewer episodes because everyone was rooting for this one up until a certain point.

Story: 7/10
Acting: 7/10
Music: 7/10
Rewatch Value: 7/10
Overall: 7/10

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