Battle of the B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – DAY6

Who doesn’t love some really good rock music? Well I hope you’re not one of those people because we are going full on band today with the best of the best from DAY6!

The Day (Debut EP, 2015)

Colors – For the record, I love every song off this EP but there is something about Colors that just gets me in my feels. I get a really rooted rock feelings that I tend to gravitate towards and I think they excel at.

Daydream (Second EP, 2016)

Blood – This showcases another thing DAY6 does well, and that is giving us dance rock songs. Even if they don’t dance, they make us with these kinds of tracks.

Sunrise (First Studio Album, 2017)

Lean On Me – With an album that had six lead singles, it’s hard to stand out. But Lean On Me stood out because it’s so cemented in that early 2000s rock vibe that it’s a smack in your face that this is a band. Everything about this song brings me back to my youth.

Moonrise (Second Studio Album, 2017)

I Need Somebody – THIS SONG RIGHT HERE! This was my first DAY6 song and really holds a special place in my heart. I find everything about this song musically perfect. From the bare beginning to the way it builds and builds. I get chills every time I listen and always on the verge of tears.

Shoot Me: Youth Part 1 (Third EP, 2018)

Somehow – This song just makes me wanna dance and jump around. The chorus just gives off the best vibes. I’m also addicted to the piano in this. Go Wonpil!

Remember Us: Youth Part 2 (Fourth EP, 2018)

Marathon – IN LOVE with the old school gospel sound this incorporates. It also has a slight Jason Maraz vibe that Jae really does nice with. I just wanna drink a sweet tea with this and jam out.

The Book of Us: Gravity (Fifth EP, 2019)

Wanna Go Back – This was a hard choice since this album has a bunch of hits on it. But I kept going back to this funk rock track. The chorus sells me on it and just puts you in a summery mood.

The Book of Us: Entropy (Third Studio Album, 2019)

365247 – This is DAY6 does an island vibe. I like this song the most out of the rest because it actually sounds like I can hear this anywhere. I could hear it in a club, mall, movie, anywhere. It has that kind of sound that just fits. Also hearing Dowoon’s deep singing non singing is always great.

The Book of Us: The Demon (Sixth EP, 2020)

Afraid – Beautiful. I can’t think of another word to describe this song because it’s just a pure song. And I had to post the Sungjin vocal guide because his voice is amazing. I love how soft and hard this song goes at the same time. Just making me raise a lighter in the air and cry.

The Book of Us: Negentropy (Seventh EP, 2021)

Only – Who knew that DAY6 could do a more old school R&B style song? This transported me to the kind of music that my mother listened to. It’s retro but not in the cheesy way. In the nostalgic way.

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