Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Be Together

Be Together

Genre: Romance, Drama, Friendship
Origin: China
Episodes: 35
Air-date: Jun 28, 2021 – Aug 4, 2021
Starring: Sun Yi as Xia Yan, Vin Zhang as Xi Chengyi, Ma Li as Han Shuang, Bella Xu as Zhao Xiao Lei, Zhang Wen as Xiang Nan

The story revolves around four women who are nearing their thirties, as they support one another and witness each other’s growth and change. Xia Yan, Han Shuang, Zhao Xiao Lei and Xiang Nan are close friends since university. After graduation, the four of them live and work in the same city.

Xia Yan aspires to create a quality application that can change how people live. After graduation, she enters the IT industry and with her hard work, becomes one of the project representatives of SG Organization. She also gains true love after a series of tumultuous relationships.

To fulfill her dreams of becoming a designer, Han Shuang, who comes from a wealthy family, decides to jump out of her comfort zone. She starts from the bottom, and becomes a part-timer at a design furniture shop. She and doctor Ma Ke becomes a couple after various struggles.

Zhao Xiao Lei comes from a traditional family. One day before her wedding ceremony, her boyfriend broke up with her. With the encouragement from her family, she finally walks out of the shadow of her relationship and regains her confidence.

Xiang Nan is a doctor, who seems calm and logical, but actually has a closed up inner heart. One day, she met with an accident, which helps her regain her faith in life.

Be Together summarized

Now listen idk who I pissed off while making my request for a drama with Sun Yi and Vin Zhang, but clearly they said “fuck you!” And served me up some hot garbage instead. I am so pissed off. This review is coming in fresh and hot off the finale. I could tell IMMEDIATELY that this drama was written by a man. I don’t want to see them pen any “sisterhood” drama ever again because this was the furthest thing from that we could’ve gotten. The women were constantly fighting in ways that made me wonder if they actually liked each other.. now I’m not saying that friends don’t fight but I think the writer missed the mark entirely in trying to portray the authenticity behind female friendships. This is just one of many flaws with this story

I actually enjoyed the first few episodes of this drama that I watched (let’s say about 10ish) because it was entertaining, ridiculous and was giving the makjang vibes but something became very apparent once the episodes continued and it was that although the top billers for this drama were Vin Zhang and Sun Yi, they were going to receive the least amount of screentime. This wouldn’t be a problem in an ensemble cast, but when the poster for the show is these two stars AND they front & center in group shots, you would expect that we would get more of them, but instead we’re stuck with the cheating ex boyfriend for a majority of the time. And yes, I am aware that they are the catalyst for a lot of the drama, but they’re also not really seen much in the same token.

I suppose the best romance was Han Shuang and Ma Ke cause they actually got to kiss each other and experience romantic woes that didn’t involve exes. I’m happy for them, truly, but I can’t help but think of how much was wasted with Vin Zhang and Sun Yi.. it annoys me. We got such few cute moments from them and if they were in a domestic scene it was mainly a breakdown of company drama like jfc .. I honestly skipped through Dr and her boy but the nice exploration vacation with the horrible green screen was not lost on me. Won’t even speak on Xiao Lei and Lin Hao.

me @ xiaolei & lin hao

Tbh by the end of this drama I effectively hated almost everything about this show. Never thought I would give a drama with my husband this poor of a rating, but you know what? Fuck this shit because the only thing that I liked was probably the earrings and fits that Han Shuang and Xia Yan wore from time to time. Skip it and save your time.

Story: 4/10
Acting: 8/10
Music: 6/10
Rewatch Value: 1/10
Overall: 4.5/10

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2 thoughts on “Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Be Together

  1. I feel like I wrote this review. I feel cheated that I subscribed because of Zhang Binbin but he is barely in any episodes and when he is there, it’s like just to listen to Sun Yi talk. They keep wasting Vin Zhang in these dramas. He is so hot and cute and full of natural expressions. Sun Yi is obviously reserved as a married woman.

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