Hit It or Skip It – August 2021 Week 2

I can’t believe the K-music world came to attack this past week like it did. Everyone came out with songs back to back to back! And the level of good music was slapping me in the face. Like give me a break… or don’t.

ONF “Popping”

This year is belonging to ONF. This is another banger. I love how playful this is and perfect for a late summer track.

Ha Sung Woon “Strawberry Gum (feat. Don Mills)”

Another funky summer track, just like ONF, but I’m feeling the vibe. The chorus is cute and I can get addicted to it.

THE BOYZ “Thrill Ride”

A cute youthful song that can possibly get boring quick but for now it’s a bop.

TEN “Paint Me Naked”

Nothing will top Dream in a Dream but this is super cute. I love this for him.

BDC “Moon Walker”

I really like this underrated group. They are consistently putting out good stuff and this is no exception. The anti-drop chorus is a pleasant surprise.

Hyolyn & Dasom “Summer or Summer”

Feels like a nice ride of melodies. The song was unexpected from the queens of summer but it’s a chill vibe.

Weeekly “Check It Out”

This song just makes me feel good. Everything about it is just good!

AB6IX “Walking In The Rain”

This wasn’t a sound I’m used to from AB6IX but it suits each member really well.

NCT U “Maniac (Prod. Ryan Jhun)”

Everything about this song and MV I’m in love. It’s like magic when a good produced track meets the right artists.

Gaho “RIDE”

The OST king has a rock side that I’m feeling. It’s fun, rough and sexy.

JMIN “Dedication (feat. Jay Park)”

This is the kind of music that is popular right now and it’a bop.

GRAY “Party For The Night (Feat. Loco & Lee Hi)”

This makes me so excited for his album to drop. All these songs are bops and this one is no exception.


Not much to say besides I can just vibe to this.

HYO ” Second (feat. BIBI)”

I don’t hate this song but it really came in at a 10 and stayed there the whole time. I felt more assaulted by the song than anything.

777 Triple Seven “PRESENTE”

This is as if someone threw water on KARD and they multiplied. I like these groups separately but together they are just doing what’s already been done.


All I have to say is pineapple pen.

Park JiHoon “Gallery”

The only downfall of this song is that it came out in a week when others did this same kind of song but only better.

BZ BOYS ‘Close Your Eyes”

This just feels like a recycled song and concept from about 2 years ago. Not bad but just not fresh.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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