Sugar Baby’s Review Corner: Black Cinderella

Black Cinderella

Genre: Romance, School, Youth
Origin: Japan
Episodes: 8 (+ 2 special episodes)
Air-date: Apr 22, 2021 – Jun 10, 2021
Starring: Riko as Kamiya Manaha, Kamio Fuju as Tachibana Keigo, Itagaki Mizuki as Shimamura Sora, Erica as Kasumi Yuri

Kamiya Manaha is a girl with little self-confidence. Her childhood dream was to enter the Miss Seiran Contest, a beauty pageant for high-school students.

Despite seeing herself as an ordinary girl, she enters the pageant.

She then meets Tachibana Keigo, a handsome, self-absorbed boy and Shimamura Sora, a mysterious transfer student.

At contest time, Manaha cannot keep her excitement in, as she is just steps away from the very stage she’s dreamed about for so long.


Guys! We have done it! We have found a Jdrama where even though the female lead did act a little dumb in the beginning, she was still a completely enjoyable and amazing woman! I am in awe y’all! This drama was so surprising to me. I fully went in expecting to just be a blah drama about a girl competing in a pageant with obviously the ending theme being that beauty comes from within, but this surpassed my expectations.

I thought the story was done so well and even though it was centered around school children, I found that the story could’ve been propped into later years as well! I was genuinely laughing and smiling during fun moments and feeling very emotional during the sad moments. I especially really loved whenever Manaha was with her family because they felt like such a real family. I also didn’t dislike any character even when Yuri was up to her foolishness and being a prime bitch. I’m sorry I can’t hate pretty people.

Now I’m not entirely sure if this show is really a Cinderella story but more of an Ugly Duckling vibe, but nevertheless we move! The romance was absolutely giving! We stan the cuteness of a first love! I will admit, I had a bit of second lead syndrome, but not in the “I want Sora to be with Manaha” way more of the “wah! why is he so cute and understanding?” way! I was steadfast on the Keigo and Manaha train though, I didn’t even budge once…. y’all be safe. I also loved that their two besties got together too. I’m glad I took the time to watch the special graduation episodes as well.

Overall, very cute drama that I, sugar baby, stan wholeheartedly. Therefore the recommendation is real and I’m happy that I can finally say that I enjoyed the hell out of a Japanese drama. 💋

Story: 8/10
Acting: 7.5/10
Music: N/A
Rewatch Value: 8/10
Overall: 8/10

Fave Song:  N/A

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