Whatcha Watchin’ – August 23rd – Broke Bobby

Between the viral tiktok of this guy ranking his friends based on class system, and named his friend who makes $125K a year Broke Bobby and iKON’s Bobby announcing that he’s going to be a baby daddy NEXT month, it’s been a rollercoaster for people named Bobby.

Sugar Baby Unnie

I finished a lot of dramas! Love Island is over which means more time to watch dramas in between all my books I have been reading I guess. Hahaha. All I do is swap obsessions with each other year round… Hehehe.


Remembrance Things of Past: I was waiting on Nat to finish this up but into the thick of it for myself!

The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim: It’s actually so disrespectful that this is only one episode per week. I feel like dying. Rumor mill said season two?

Crush: I did say I believed in Wan Peng supremacy right? This is obnoxiously cute.

On Deck

Sweet Teeth: I was told that this was cute and giving…Giving what exactly? We shall see…

One and Only: I enjoyed the book and even though I really couldn’t picture Bai Luin this role while reading, it’s a Bai Lu drama so you know it is getting my views!


Lazy Unnie

This month had me watching so many things! But here I am with only a couple as I get ready for some new shows to air.


Hospital Playlist – We’ve made it to the last episode of season one! Still trying to figure out why this needs a second season.

Prison Playbook – After Racket Boys, I needed to start this because so many cameos happened. I’m loving it so far. Tugs at my heart.


The Unit – I’m finally watching this survival. It feels different from the produce series but in a good way. I just hate watching SanE’s dumb ass.

On Deck

Hometown Cha Cha Cha – I love Kim Seon Ho so much that I will sit through this and ignore my distain for Shin Min Ah.

D.P – Lets see if I can make it through a drama where Jung Hae In is the lead. I love him best in supporting roles. But the cast is amazing and I love a military genre.

Imitation – Now that this is over, it might be a good time to binge it and fall even more in love with Lee Jun Young.

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