Hit It or Skip It – August 2021 Week 3

We had a tropical storm so I’m allowed to be late. Also I literally just forgot that I had to do this…

Red Velvet ‘Queendom’

It’s nice to see them back, but I will admit that this doesn’t give the Red Velvet buzz… If I didn’t know their voices I would’ve just thought it to be another gg.

Woo Tae Woon, IONE (ft. Yoon Bomi) ‘Vaccine’

This put a smile on my face tbh.. Like read the room please?

TXT ‘Loser = Lover’

Naurrr but like TXT is BEATING BTS’ ass…. Like how you making your hoobaes wash you like this? Are you not embarrassed?

CIX ‘Wave’

It’s giving bootleg EXO, but we stan EXO so…

WayV Ten & Yang Yang ‘Low Low’


Gray (ft. Zion T) ‘Make Love’

A bop is a bop.

Davichi ‘Looking at the photo’

Me crying while having no idea what’s being said? Yup yup thats my mothers.

Lucy ‘Irrelevant Answer’

Oh yessss DAY6 whomst??

Pentatonix (feat. ATEEZ) ‘A Little Space’

Awww cute.

Jenyer (ft. Gayoon) ‘SOOP’


Kim Jong Kook x ATEEZ ‘Be My Lover’

This gave me indigestion…

F.able ‘RunRunRun’

Honestly just listen to any other boy group that actually has budget?

Kim Kyung Hun ‘Happy Virus (Will you marry me?)’

Nice voice.. However, zzzzzzzz

Pentagon ‘Cerebus’

I would still fuck Wooseok though.

Cravity ‘Gas Pedal’

If this song came on while I was driving I would run off the road.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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