The Unnie’s Review Couch Corner: Hospital Playlist

The stories of people going through their days that are seemingly ordinary but actually special, at the hospital, a place known as the microcosm of life, where someone is being born and someone’s life meets their ending. The five doctors are long-time friends of 20 years who started their undergrad in 1999 in the same medical school and now are colleagues in the same hospital and have a band together.

  • Starring : Jo Jung Suk | Yoo Yeon Seok | Jung Kyung Ho | Kim Dae Myung | Jeon Mi Do
  • Episodes : 12 (1 hr 30 min.)
  • Aired : Mar 12, 2020 – May 28, 2020
  • Network : Netflix

Back at it with another joint review! Woot!

Hospital Playlist Review

Acting : 8/10
Story : 8/10
Music : 2/10
Overall : 7/10

Recommended For : People who like slice of life and slow burns

Story: 7/10
Acting: 9/10
Music: 7/10
Rewatch Value: 5/10
Overall: 7/10

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2 thoughts on “The Unnie’s Review Couch Corner: Hospital Playlist

  1. “People who like slice of life and slow burns” didn’t have to call me out like this hsjsjs

    also yes, Uju was a highlight tbh, cutie 😭 I started prison playbook but I didn’t finish it yet, but Kyungho was amazing in it, will probably finish it just because of him honestly.

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