Hit It or Skip It – September 2021 Week 5

I know I usually say that everybody and their momma released, but I feel like it’s facts though.. I mean in all honesty, I probably missed a few people cause really everyone did…. Oh well. You know the drill, just drop who I missed that you wanna know about and I shall tell you.


KEY ‘Bad Love’

Taeyeon gave us bootleg Doja and now Key giving bootleg Weeknd.

AB6IX ‘Cherry’

The Butter effect… fortunately I did like Butter…

Ciipher ‘Blind’

Oh this is a vibe! I am shook. I liked it almost immediately.

E’Last ‘Dark Dream’

I like broody boy group music from time to time. fight me?

CL ‘Lover Like Me’


Coldplay x BTS ‘Universe’

Very generic, but enjoyable.

TWICE ‘The Feels’

Another generic but very enjoyable song.

Skyle ‘Da Da Da’

Not much to this song but it has enough that could linger in your ear after.. You know I love when we have a bit of orchestral sounds in songs so yeah.



The Boys’EAR ‘I hate you’

I hate you, too.

Woody ‘I hope you like it’

I do not like it, sorry.


Another Blackpink remix but the lack of personality just makes this forgettable in the end.

Kim Woojin ‘In my space’


ATEEZ ‘Eternal Sunshine’

Because Deja Vu already existed, they should’ve skipped the mv for this song.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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