Whatcha Watchin’ – Oct 4th – Retrograde, Retrograde

It’s October! AKA best month of the year!! Yeah I said that. Let’s get spooky bitches!

Sugar Baby Unnie

Yeah, I have a bunch of reviews to write but I don’t wanna…


Coffee Prince: Every Squid Game fan needs to watch this since y’all suddenly wanna be Gong Yoo wife.

Hometown Cha Cha: This is just nonsensical fluff.

Dali and Cocky Prince: Nonsensical fluff x 2

The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim: This ends this week and my heart is broken.

Lovers of the Red Sky: I am an advocate for threesomes!

Lazy Unnie

Looks like this month you’re getting a lot of joint reviews from us because we on the same wave length with shows.


Hometown Cha Cha ChaJust finished episode 12 and EEP! I love this dimpled pair.

D.P I swear to finish this one this week. It’s too good to give up on.

Coffee Prince – Some of y’all met Gong Yoo in Squid Game. Whereas the rest of us been rocking with him since Coffee Prince.

Squid Game – I didn’t finish in one sitting cause I have been watching with family but omg this show is crazy. I kinda love how this is getting non kdrama watchers to watch,

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2 thoughts on “Whatcha Watchin’ – Oct 4th – Retrograde, Retrograde

  1. The whole world is going Kdrama crazy thanks to Squid Game…i live in LIguria, Italy and i might well be the only Korean lover for miles around (eh eh eh) but all of a sudden parents of my teenage son are calling me to ask if Squid Game is too violent for them to watch it!!! what could i possibly say? I suggested they watch it together so they can talk about the (gory) violence and all of the underlying issues touched by the drama…Go Kdrama Go! (p.s. thanks for your great blog…i even love the fact that sometimes you are too lazy to write long reviews…we are doing this for fun aren’t we?) Baci, Cristina

  2. Thank you for being a loyal reader! I sometimes wonder if anyone is even looking lol But you’re right. Everyone is hooked on Squid Games. I hope it means more people will be willing to watch other Asian entertainment.

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