Hit It or Skip It – October 2021 Week 3

Because I went out to celebrate Sugar Baby’s bday on Sunday, I got a little messy at brunch and was nursing it all day Monday. Anyway… everyone came out with something this past week but it was a lot of artists I didn’t really care about. But here is what caught my ear.

Lee Jin Hyuk “Work Work”

It’s not the worst but it is nice enough to bop to. The cuteness saved it.

KINGDOM “Black Crown”

Their high concept brings me in and their music makes me stay for a bit. Nice enough.

CL “Tie a Cherry’

Why am I so in love with the vibe that she puts out? Hit after hit. Simple enough song but the flare elevates it.

Nam Woo Hyun “Calm & Passion”

Gives me Taemin vibes and I miss Taemin. I also like Woo Hyun’s voice so that’s a plus.

IU “Strawberry Moon”

Very typical of IU but sweet nonetheless.

CherryB “Hello feat. HUTA”

Easy going pop R&B and I like it. HUTA aka Minhyuk from BTOB gives the song that little spice it needs.

DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, LISA of BLACKPINK “SG”

Nice party vibe and Megan killed the verse. Don’t know what Lisa brought to the table besides looking weird in the CGI.

SEVENTEEN “Rock With You”

Not my favorite title track from them but it is still a great song.

Moon Jong Up, Na Hyun “Day Dream feat. Sleepy”

Didn’t hate but it just didn’t go anywhere. Felt flat most of the time.

RooKie “OPPA”

Anyone can be an “idol” these days.

GIRIBOY “That’s How We Ended Up feat. Seori”

Sad rap just ain’t it for me.

CNBLUE “Love Cut”

From the concept to the song, I just don’t get it. They could have done way better.

Eunhyuk “be”

Are you a rapper or a singer because you ain’t Drake and should do both.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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