Hit It or Skip It – October 2021 Week 4

Was there like some secret allegiance that was made where everyone needed to release music this week? I am gonna be honest with y’all, I skipped hella people cause I didn’t care enough lmfao.


NCT 127 ‘Favorite (Vampire)’

This is a EXO song. Fight me.

bugAboo ‘bugAboo’

On principle this was gonna be a skip cause of the name, but dammit the song is good.ugh.

Epik High (ft. GIRIBOY, Sik-K, JUSTHIS) ‘Face ID’

Idk.. I like it…

EPEX ‘Do 4 Me’

I think boy groups have figured out the key to getting onto my hit list.. mmm

DreamNote ‘Ghost’

Are yall hearing that damn guitar??? OK SLAY..

015B (ft. Elaine) ‘ADHD’

You can never study me hoes! You will never know what I like or why! Hahaha.

Ailee ‘Don’t Teach Me’

I’ve been into speakeasies lately.

Jeon Somi ‘XOXO’

Maybe I am toxic and like when she makes noisy songs. Yes, I am likely to have this in my playlist but it still doesn’t make this any less boring, sorry.

DKB ‘Rollercoaster’

I like the beat.

TXT ‘Frost’

TXT has been having a year. Wow. Love that for them.

Hoody (ft. GIRIBOY) ‘D-day’

GIRIBOY must be planning ft domination..

BOL4 ‘Butterfly Effect’

So she definitely did some work on her face again right?..

BOL4 ‘Space’

You hear one BOL4 song, you’ve heard them all.

SOLE ‘The Gift’

Beautiful voice, boring song.

Secret Number ‘Fire Saturday’

No thanks.

Just B ‘Tick Tock’

I feel like there’s a way for Tik Tok to sue and I will help.

Tae Ho ‘Tell Me’

I can’t explain it but his voice sounds annoying even though he sounds similar to a SM artist who I shall not name who I find equally annoying.

Bloo ‘Girl in New York’


Park Jihoon ‘Serious’

So this is random but I hate when male soloists have songs that would obviously sound better as a group.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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