Whatcha Watchin’ – November 1st – Let’s Get Thankful

It is finally NOVEMBER!!! The month to be thankful anddddd the birth month of Lazy Unnie!!!!

Lazy Unnie

I’m basically still watching the same thing because I went away on vacation for Halloween. Hopefully, I can finish something on the flight home.


Hometown Cha Cha ChaI Still only have two episodes left but even tho I’ve loved this show so much.

The King’s Affection Some say it’s slow and yes, a little bit. But the anticipation for better is there so I’m rocking with it

Coffee Prince – The last 3 episodes are upon us!!

When the Camellia Blooms – I have like 5 episodes left and I’m starting to feel the drag that I get in shows like this. I need it to come together.

Yumi’s Cells – I’m actually scared to finish the last few episodes of this. I know there is a second season and that’s what has me nervous. I need things wrapped up in a pretty bow!!!

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A couple of ladies who love to express their opinions from anything and everything. That includes shows and music and anything in between. This blog is dedicated to our love and appreciation for Asian entertainment and culture.

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