Hit It or Skip It – November 2021 Week 1

I love November. It’s the best fall weather, all these new releases, Thanksgiving, and MY BIRTHDAY!! So let the best month ever start!

2AM “Should′ve known”

Welcome back ballad kings

Bruno Champman, EUROKO PIZZA “Buffet”

One of my faves from SMTM9! This shit is fire

Super Junior D&E “Zero”

The chorus saved this song. As well as Eunhyuk. Donghae needs to lay off the augmentation.

LABOUM “Kiss Kiss”

This feels like a breath of fresh air. Leave it to the older girl groups to not be so try hard.

Astro’s MJ “Get Set Yo feat. Kim Tae-Yeon”


HUTA “Good Night”

Nice to see HUTA flexing those vocals instead of those rap skills for once.

2AM “No good in good-bye”

I love continuation things and this is a perfect one.


If only I could have the MV without the music. I bet it will grow on me because there are parts I like but as a whole it’s whack.

VIXX Leo “I’m Still Here”

I expected something better as his first song back. This is just flat.

SPARKY “Eventually”

Too off brand BIBI for me.

TO1 “No More X”

Nothing more than a catchy hook.

Favorite SOTW:

Least Favorite SOTW:

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