Battle of the B’s: Best B-Side Tracks – MAMAMOO

Back again and this time I’m here with Mama, Mama, Mooooo! Yes, the vocal beast quartet Mamamoo. I was first introduced to them in 2017 by them doing a Boy Group Medly at the MBC Gayo Daejejeon. I was amazed by their vocals and had to go discover more. Now they are one of my fave groups musically. They have amazing title tracks but it’s their B-sides where the talent really shines. Read on to see the best of the best!

Hello (Debut EP, 2014)

Heeheehaheho (with Geeks) – One thing Mamamoo does well is stick to their brand. This song is all about their harmonies and the addition of the slight hip-hop vibe from the Geeks makes their throwback vocals more modern.

Piano Man (Second EP, 2014)

Gentleman (feat. eSNa) – This jazzy bluesy song is something most aren’t doing and it is so fitting of Mamamoo. I love.

Pink Funky (Third EP, 2015)

Self Camera – Funky is the word! I love this R&B funk track. Their melodic vocals puts you in that romantic mood while still being fun.

Melting (First Studio Album, 2016)

Emotion – I almost expected this to sound like Destiny Child’s Emotions but instead we get a mellow R&B song with an up tempo beat that makes you wanna dance.

Memory (Fourth EP, 2016)

Moderato (feat. Hash Swan) – This song is sexy and honestly Hash Swan makes this song 100 times better and I miss him!!!

Purple (Fifth EP, 2017)

Finally – This is one of my favorite EP’s from Mamamoo and this song is just fun. Everything about it just makes you want to dance and get in a party mood. Great vibe and great vocals.

Yellow Flower (Sixth EP, 2018)

Rude Boy – This was actually the first song I heard from Mamamoo and was shocked at how soulful they could be as a group. This was on-trend and gave the group a chance to step out of the pretty vocal box.

Red Moon (Seventh EP, 2018)

Sleep In The Car – This is Mamamoo gets hard. This was a weird flex that worked surprisingly.

Blue;s (Eighth EP, 2018)

Better Than I Thought – Here we are back at their roots of harmonized vocals and a jazzy vibe. This is just Mamamoo doing what they do best.

White Wind (Ninth EP, 2019)

25 (Wheein) – She’s my bias. That’s all.

Reality in Black (Second Studio Album, 2019)

Better – There were a lot of good songs on this album but Better just puts me in a good mood. And it’s a song I can listen to on repeat and just rock out to.

Travel (Tenth EP, 2020)

Travel – I adore Travel. It’s such a light and fun song. And it is totally the opposite from the lead single, Dingga, that I liked the switch up.

WAW (Eleventh EP, 2021)

Destiny Part.2 – I wasn’t a fan of this EP but I liked how this was a continuation song and had a mellowed out vibe.

Mic On (Twelfth EP, 2022)

1, 2, 3 Eoi! – I wish wish WISH that Mamamoo would do more songs like this. It has their signature sound from early in their career but it has a little hip-hop influence. It feels fun and fresh and this is when I love Mamamoo.

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